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We are no ordinary team! We believe Women Empowerment encourage, and cultivate women to lead with style. Our Fashion Experts cover a wide rang of topics on fashion, best beauty tips, divers cultures, latest trends, and most importantly; amazing mummy's all around the world. Let's walk through
life's red carpet with style and confidence!

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Born in 2008, we aim to cover the latest headlines and stories ranging across fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle and so much more. We are always looking into the latest emerging and established brands, trends, art, models and designers.And we believe parenting is cool. We have the Mummy Diaries for all you mum’s out there. We all have to grow up sometimes.In 2019 we present our SC Talks. SC Talks focuses on our own voices and our audience’s voices. An open discussion focusing on race, culture, politics, mental health and more, Style Cartel aims to give a voice to everyone.

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Claudia Vannini

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Alica Smith

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Juhi Tailor

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Juhi is a beauty, culture and fashion enthusiast who has an eye for trend and a passion for travel. She is completing her Fashion Technology BA at the University of Leeds, so appreciates the calmness of the North, but is a Londoner at heart. As someone who loves to capture the world around her through a lens, you'll never find her without a camera in hand.

Henry Chloé

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Karran Rajani

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Karran covers all things men's for Style Cartel. Karran is a keen traveller and loves to explore new cities and cultures, but London will always be his home. Can be found most weekends either in a bar drinking cocktails or on the dance-floor at Fabric.

Tillie Eze

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Tillie is a writer, meditation teacher, and creator of Moon Me - a series of retreats on self-discovery and healing through specific modalities. Originally from Houston, Texas, her pride for H-Town runs deeper than she'll admit, but it was living in France where she experienced what home and love, together, cultivated. She has a degree in French and Visual Arts from Chatham College for Women (they have since gone co-ed...womp, womp!), can be found recharging in the sunniest part of any room, and has an insatiable knack for brainstorming and organizing people's lives. Her days are now split under the Balearic and West Coast sun.

Charlotte Smith

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Charlotte is an urban New Yorker who's second home is Paris. Splitting her time between London. She has also lived in Morocco. She has an MBA in Management and Economics of Luxury Brands and Fashion and her BFA from the New School Parsons School of Design. She calls herself the dyslexic writer living between London & Paris.

Eman B Fendi

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Fashion Stylist

Gosia Krajewski

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Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor

Mee Jong

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Fashion Contributor

Amira Arasteh

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Amira is a Londoner but could feel at home in most cities as long as there's good pizza nearby. A Converse-and-dress kind of girl - she can't work cobbles, the underground and heels - she loves the culture in London and exploring other cultures in her travels. She has a BA in English Language and Communication so can pretty much chat at length about any topic that interests her (pizza, Gucci, highlighter...) and loves the idea that the best stories are found in the pages of your passport.

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