Natural Skincare That Will Help You Look Your Best During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a magical time, but it certainly has a huge impact on women's skin. And while we await our little bundle of joy to arrive, it's very important to make sure we choose the right beauty products that are safe for both mother and baby. Hence we selected our favourite natural products that will help you look your best while expecting.

Charlotte Tilbury Launches Virtual Try On Services

Virtual services have taken the industry by storm since social distancing restrictions were introduced, is this the future?

Sister Sledge teams up with WHO in Response to Covid-19

The group's iconic hit 'We Are Family', will be revamped to create global solidarity in one of the world's most challenging times.

Top 5 Baby Products That Help Parents Stay Sane

Those very first days with a new baby are an exciting time. Life seems the same ‚Äď but is totally different! All those expected and unexpected feelings that overwhelm you. The waves of love and doubt, euphoria and blind panic, all mixed with nappies, reflux and crying. All the new skills that they forgot to list in the job description, but you‚Äôre now expected to master with little or no training!¬†


Nafeesa is a travel blogger based in Bradford, UK. A beautiful woman who likes breaking stereotypes. She's a woman who loves travelling the world solo. She decided to follow her dreams and travel the world to experience different cultures and meet new people!

Black Owned Businesses You MUST Know About

Black-owned beauty businesses are who we need to be supporting now, more than ever. Here's the ones you must know about!

From Sims to Fine Art- Pieter Schoolwerth’s 2020 Paintings

Sims meets Fine Art and my dreams come true!

Sole-Roundup. This week in Sneaks.

A round-up of the top few stories that have popped up in the sneaker world this week!

Modest Fashion Friday| Skater Girl Punk Covered

Who says Modest Girls cannot adopt their style to something skater girl or even a little Punk chic. We have been collaborating with Diamantine since the summer. As we glide into Autumn, we show you how different women can rock djellaba or kaftan. 

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