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Coach teams up with ‚ÄėMore Than a Vote‚Äô

A few weeks ago, we woke up to the fantastic news that the New York based brand Coach was partnering with NBA superstar LeBron James in support of ‚ÄėMore Than a Vote‚Äô (MTAV), an organisation led by the basket player to fight against voter suppression and misinformation amongst communities of colour in the US.

Burberry’s Pre-SS21 Stays At Home

Riccardo Tisci‚Äôs newest collection for the English fashion house takes inspiration from the ‚ÄėStay at home‚Äô campaign and is modelled on employees at their London homes.

Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton

This Model Crush Monday we feature Alexandra Beaton the model, musician and artist. Born in London who is a mixed-race beauty, her mother is French, and her Father is Guyanese. We spoke in French, dressed her up and followed her on social media @aacurls and about her Agency Body London.

Decoding the Dress Code: The Do's and Don'ts of Semi-Formal Wear for Women

Putting together outfits can be a difficult enough activity on its own. Add dress codes to the mix, though, and something that should be a simple endeavour can quickly turn into a complicated ordeal. While most women don’t have trouble telling casual wear apart from formal attire, it’s the dress codes in between that can be frustratingly confusing.

The Tried and Tested Beauty Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Tried and Tested Beauty Tips to Make Your Routine Easier

Presenting DOMESTIC (between wars) by Stefano Pilati

Since 2020 started, it has been nothing but a wild ride. We’ve heard multiple times that 2020 ought to end now, that we need to unplug 2020 and plug it again for everything to go back to normal but, what if 2020 had to happen? What if 2020 was the year we’ve been waiting for? What if the change and the progression this planet has been seeking for centuries might finally come this year? Anyhow amongst all the negative energy that has surrounded us lately, it is undeniable that positive matters have also come out of it.

How To Keep Kids Away From The Screen This Summer

For most of the kids this school year looked completely different than any other. Online schooling, zoom meetings with friends and family and leisure time spent in front of TV or tablets means, that getting back to the real world can be difficult.

Missing Paris: Ladureé’s To-Go Macarons London

I have come to terms with not being able to leave my new home, which is London for the moment. My other home city is Paris. I am not comfortable with travelling, so now that I cannot go to the Champs-√Člys√©es for brunch with the girls to nibble on some Macarons at Ladure√©, I had to settle for their To Go Macarons available in London.¬†

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