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Yes, Cactus Leather Is A Thing Now

No need to double take, you read that correctly, cactus leather is the latest new material on the fashion scene. Forget those vegan leathers that use so much plastic they make Barbie look real, cactus leather is here to steal the spotlight.

Why STEM Is The Future Of Our Children

It is quite widely known that it is easier to learn when you are having fun. That is why, as a parent, I am a fan of toys that are educational with a fun-spin. It’s the fun aspect which allows a child to play, whilst engaging their mind to learn key skills in the process. Skills such as perseverance, cause and effect, investigation, hand-to-eye coordination, and STEM. What is STEM?

Style Cartel Horoscopes AUGUST 2020

Horoscopes AUGUST 2020 is a positive month for the whole planet finally. Despite the Quarantine and COVID, humanity is progressing more prosperously. Mercury enters Leo on August 5th. Everyone's perception is broadened.

Sneaker Freak Friday - Female resale rise

As Beyonce said, "Who run the world? ..Girls!" Taking a look at how Womens-only sneakers are becoming all the more desirable in the resale market.

Stay Safe In The Sun This Weekend

We're about to see temperatures soar... Stay safe with us this weekend!

Why It's Important To Shop Vintage

Shopping vintage ‚Äď or preloved ‚Äď is more important than you may think.

10 Braiding Instagram Accounts To Follow

If you have been following our Instagram, we have an Obsessions with braids at the moment. I have decided to rock braids the rest of the summer myself, so trolling Instagram for new styles have come my pass time. I think next month I will go all pink.

Our Top Self Tan and Suncare Vegan Products for Summer 2020

This summer looks like you went on a luxury vacation might be a little hard. But some of us might not be leaving our backyards this summer. So we have the top Self Tan and Suncare products for Summer 2020 so you looked sun-baked and sexy. 

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