he end of last year saw a significant increase in peoples awareness of needing to change the way we live and consume. There is a strong case for veganism making a significant difference in the effect us, as humans, have on our planet. There are now more than half a million vegans in the United Kingdom and approximately three million in North America, with other countries in the world experiencing rising numbers of those moving to veganism.

Personally, I am not a vegan. I’ll admit that my diet and style choices are not vegan. However I, like many, want to attempt to make my lifestyle cruelty-free and be conscious of the environment. If I am not going to change my diet, I can at least change other aspects of my lifestyle, particularly those that are at no cost to me. Using vegan products is an excellent way to do your bit for the environment and I have chosen to do so as I have found many brands and products I adore are, in fact, vegan.

Vegan Beauty Products

Therefore, there is no reason why I should not be using these products in my daily beauty routine. I already use Peter Thomas Roth’s 10% Glycolic Solutions Moisturiser so why would I swap it when it nourishes my skin and is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free? I love Illamasqua’s new highlight powder, Dare, so it’s an easy way to not harm the environment with my everyday actions.

It might seem like a small step to some but if everybody supported and used vegan-friendly brands and products, it could make a difference. A University of Oxford study has revealed that veganism is the “single biggest way” to benefit the planet and with so many beauty brands going vegan, it is no longer difficult to use them. Joseph Poore, of the University of Oxford, told the I that going vegan could reduce global greenhouse emissions by 23 per cent. Whether you are interested in becoming fully vegan or if you, like me, want to make an effort in some way, adjusting your beauty routine to comprising of vegan and cruelty-free products is a good start.

Many skincare and makeup products contain animal byproducts, particularly honey, lanolin and gelatin and with so many hero brands changing the ingredients in their products, it is getting easier and easier to find quality vegan beauty products. Brands are swapping animal-derived ingredients for plant-based equivalents and I have to say, I’m a fan. If you’re looking for cruelty-free alternatives to your beauty regime, look no further.

Vegan Beauty 100% Natural

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment

Perfect for ensuring your hair is never dry or brittle, this all-natural treatment locks in the moisture that your hair needs to stay healthy. See your hair soften in texture and any frizz
reduced, as it becomes easier to style.

Daytox Vitamin C Serum

Give your skin a radiant glow with this vitamin C-infused face serum. Instantly brightening your skin and designed to even complexion too, say goodbye to fine lines over time as your skin is toned and rejuvenated.

Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask

Activated charcoal is very much still a thing and uses this mask to allow your skin to absorb the antioxidants from it, as well as the vitamin C that it contains. You’ll be obsessed with how much your skin glows afterwards.

Korres Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil

Gently wipe away the day with this cleansing oil with real rose petals. Enriched with rose
oil, almond oil, and vitamin C, this even rids the skin of waterproof makeup and impurities.
Enjoy your dewy, clean skin.

Kierin NYC Nitro Noir

Embody the persona of the independent New York woman with this powerful and
decadent scent. Wear this fragrance if you want to get noticed, with its hypnotic vibe made
up of bergamot, patchouli, and orris.

BYBI Babe Balm Bronze

Protect and hydrate your skin with this nourishing balm packed with sustainable gold micas. Fusing makeup and skin care, it also gives your skin a natural, yet luminous, glow –
hello Golden Hour.

Jinmee Hydrapuff

Soak your Hydrapuff – an eco-friendly sheet – in your toner or face oil or serum and benefit from up to 50% of the product sinking deeper into your skin. Simple, efficient skincare and
it leaves skin looking fuller and brighter.

Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara

Lift and curl those lashes with this wonder mascara that creates instant length and volume.
Get maximum coverage and remain clump-free with this reliable wand that will be your
a friend from the beach to the bar.

Beauty Kitchen Natruline Lip Treatment

100% natural, this is the ultimate quick fix for dry or chapped lips. Nourish and protect them with this lip balm that creates a natural moisture barrier, allowing your skin to breathe better than petroleum jelly alternatives.

Axiology Lipstick

Color your lips with these soft and creamy lipsticks. Using organic fruit and nut oils and
butter, these evil-free pens, and crayons are perfect for maximum pigment and not drying
out your skin.

Elemis Peptide4 Recovery Eye Cream

Rejuvenate the skin around the eye area with this hydrating and brightening cream. It’s also good for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Result.

Design.ME Puff.ME Volumising Powder Mist

Powder spray in a pump – what more could a girl ask for? It even fits perfectly inside your handbag so you can take it around on-the-go. Creating instant volume with no mess or funny colour, it smells a treat too.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Fill in and add detail to your brows with this waterproof, full-pigment hero brow product.
ABH makeup has long been a crowd favorite, proving that some of our most trusted
brands are already on the vegan train.

May 22, 2019

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