There’s no denying that the industry is changing, fashion is breaking into a new technical frontier like never seen before. Forget hours of toiling and finding fabric swatches - you can now render 3D garment visualizations online. This may seem too futuristic for some, but the creativity and innovation is undeniable.  

Pink Label Congo

Hanifa’s Pink Label Congo is inspired by ‘the gentleness, beauty, history, poise, majesty, strength, power, and hope of the Congolese spirit ‘. The clothes capture the beauty and strength perfectly. Designer Anifa Mvuemba draws upon her heritage and her love for her home is evident. ‘My country, the land of Congo, is ripe with an abundance of natural resources —the greatest of which are its people — its women.’ 

Via Hanifa on Instagram

One highlight of the collection is the Mai Maxi Dress, using silk georgette fabric, this dress flows down the body with a gorgeous nature print and asymmetric gathering to add volume. The dress is feminine, yet still powerful – making the wearer look and feel like a goddess. The collection includes gorgeous dresses and blouses with more asymmetric cuts and gathering.

Via Hanifa on Instagram
Is 3D fashion the future?

It’s shown using 3D mock ups and even had an Instagram live fashion show. The looks walked down the runway, except there weren’t models – the clothes walked themselves. This new use of technology is a game changer for the industry.

Seeing a piece in a 3D render allows designers to plan the garments meticulously, the smallest details can be created without actually using materials. This hints at it being a very environmental method, and perhaps one that will increase creativity.

Via Hanifa on Instagram

Mvuemba had been using these design methods for awhile, pre-Covid in fact, she stated to Teen Vogue The news came out about how serious things were and I started to feel a bit anxious about everything going on. I started feeling like maybe it would be insensitive to create and share a new collection online while people were facing very difficult realities’. It's interesting to see a company on the forefront of technology in the current climate, maybe with the Coronavirus pandemic we will all have to adapt to life online.  

Times are trying at the moment, but it’s important that we celebrate a black owned fashion business setting fashion industry standards. Hanifa has become a blueprint for the future of fashion.

Aug 21, 2020

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