Model Crush Monday: New Face Rafaella Ribeiro Killer Poses

written by Charlotte Smith

The new face Rafaella Ribeiro left the sunny country of Brazil to embark on her modelling career in London. She is this week’s Model Crush Monday feature where we interview her about her modelling career and life. As our shoot and interview progressed, we witnessed the samba in her walk and that she could strike a pose with each different look. This young lade is confident, and that is what you need in this 2020 modelling game.

The Interview Rafaella Ribeiro

Social Media: @rafamariar

Agencies: Body London (London) and Joy Model (Brazil)

Mother Agency: Joy Model Brazil

Model Crush Monday: New Face Rafaella Ribeiro Killer Poses

New Face Rafaella Ribeiro Wears

Dress | Twenty Seven Names

Bag | Michael Kors

|Boots | Hidden Fashion|

Earrings | Seol+Gold Belt Stylist Own

SC: What was your favourite moment in modelling career so far?

RR: When I had the opportunity to move from Brazil to London.

SC: Do you have any hidden talent?

RR: I can cook very well

SC: Which city would you explore next?

RR: I think Thailand.

SC: Skincare tips?

RR: Always wash with mild soap in the morning, use thermal water and sunscreen whether it is summer or winter.

SC: Do you believe in aliens?

RR: Yes haha.

SC: And relationships as a model?

RR: I’m currently dating, he is the best boyfriend ever.

SC: What does your family think about your modelling and travels around the world?

RR: They support me for having an opportunity. With travelling, I learn a lot and I pass it on to them.

Model Crush Monday: New Face Rafaella Ribeiro Killer Poses

Rafaella Ribeiro Poses In

Mint Green Cardigan| Hansine Jeans| Levis Shoes| Miu Miu Earrings| Under the Rose

SC: What is your ultimate goal as a model?

RR: Not to be famous, but to be well known for being a good model.

SC: What is your favourite city to work or work for?

RR: London.

SC: Who is the designer of your dreams for walking or working?

RR: Donatella Versace.

SC: What are you currently struggling with as a model?

RR: The distance from my family.

SC: What is currently your favourite piece of clothing (share a photo too please)

RR: A pair of pants that my grandma sew for me. Also this denim jacket.




SC: Where do you see it in a few years?

RR: Married, with my family, a big house and a lot of peace.

SC: If you had an investor, where to invest your money?

RR: In cattle farms.

Team Credits

Casting & Production: Charlotte Smith

Photographer: Abdel Abdulai

Stylist: Nejilka

We love to thank Rafaella for spending the afternoon with us. She came to shoot and interview ready to work. Follow her and us on Instagram to see more outtakes.

If you are a model and want to be featured get in touch.



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