As an artist or art appreciator, you will know the value of creativity and of finding the right source of inspiration. However, if you are trying to draw, paint, or create your next masterpiece, you will also know how difficult this creativity can be to come by. In order to stay inspired and release those pent up creative juices, here are some of the top ways that you can spark your next big project.

Attend a Creative Event

There is no better way to get inspiration than by surrounding yourself with creativity and talking points that set your imagination whirring. Cultural events can act as starting points that get your own ideas and creations flowing. 

Some of the best events that you should look at attending include exhibitions, such as art projects, although you can get just as much inspiration by immersing yourself in a magical concert or a beautiful piece of theatre. By constantly surrounding yourself with culture, you will soon get inspired to create your own art. To find the perfect event in your area, Ticket Sale offers a selection of wonderful experiences for anyone who has a penchant for the creative side of life. 

Get into Nature

5 Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

5 Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get inspiration. In fact, inspiration is all around you. To find your creative spark, join the likes of Wordsworth and Van Gogh and revel in the joys and majesty of the natural world. Although some artists prefer to travel the world to find the source of their creative well, it can be just as effective to take a trip down to your local woodland area or park — or even into your back garden.  

Consume Entertainment

5 Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

If your chosen art form is failing to stimulate you, why not spur on your creativity by consuming other mediums? From film and television to books and music, the 21st century is bountiful when it comes to entertainment. The themes, emotions and styles of your favourite shows and books can then inform your own work, with many creators writing in response to existing artwork.  

Get Your Ideas Buzzing
5 Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

In the end, your inspiration needs to come from you. Although you might be having a block right now, this does not mean you should let your creativity go stagnant. Instead, you can get your creative juices running again by drawing mind maps of your potential ideas, using online prompts, and writing diary entries that can detail your inner thoughts and feelings. You should also consider taking art courses or watching YouTube videos which can teach new techniques and that can give ideas to influence your work in the future.

Be Inspired by Others
5 Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

Perhaps the greatest inspiration that you can get is from other humans. Rather than isolate yourself in service to your art, it is becoming increasingly apparent that you should regularly connect with other creatives. Instead of sitting alone with your easel, why not set up an art group, or join a pre-existing one in your local area? You may also consider starting creative discussions with your arty friends where you can put ideas together collaboratively.

May 13, 2020

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