Bath time can be a messy and exhaustive affair, but it can also best time for learning. The bath is the perfect environment for some hands-on sensory play that helps stimulate the imagination and create the perfect place for story telling and fun.

Offering an established Holistic Development Programme at each of their thee London locations, Abacus Ark are on a mission to ensure that your child will become a well-rounded individual through their careful focus on cognitive, emotional, and physicalskill training. Here, they look at 5 ways to make bath time a funlearning activity.

  1. Bathing by colour – create a theme by having your child collect up blue bottle tops and blue bath toys to transform their bath into a sea of blue-based fun. Talk about the different shapes and shades and how some objects float and sink. Ask your child what kind of creatures or animals might live in the blue world you’ve created.
  2. Hide and seek bubbles – pile the bubbles up high and hide small objects inside your bubble mountains. Have your child close their eyes and try and find the different objects by touch alone. Take it turns to hide and seek the objects, a great bonding experience and way for your child to develop their sensory abilities.
  3. Sponge letters – a good way for your child to learn their letters while having fun. Buy a ready cut out alphabet or make your own out of sponge. When they’re wet, they will stick to the sides of the bath.See if your child can get them in the correct order or spell out words.
  4. Water fun – from tea pots to sieves, providing lots of pouring opportunities is a great way to teach them about the properties of water. Set tasks to fill as many cups as possible by the time the buzzer sounds or have a race using different pouring utensils. Your child will love pouring in and tipping out time and time again.
  5. Singing together – there are plenty of splashy-splashy bath songs out there and your child will love to sing along with you and discover new ways to play with water. Let their imagination loose with songs about sea creatures and adventures for an activity that stimulates the imagination and provides great story telling opportunities.


May 17, 2020

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