Fashion is listening to the cries from the street to let us in. A-COLD-WALL the Luxury streetwear label A-COLD-WALL* has launched a £25,000 grant fund to support independent black businesses. Announced on the brand’s Instagram page, the grant will be divided into 10 individual funds, which will give black-owned businesses £2,500 each. 

There are currently 10 categories for black businesses to apply in including technology, urban planning, design and engineering, scientific and technical services, education, arts and recreation, agriculture and farming, accommodation and food services, public administration and safety, and retail and fashion.

A-COLD-WALL £25,000

A-COLD-WALL  also announced that the label is donating £10,000 to Black Lives Matter financial aid for those on the frontlines of the movement. Further to this, the brand shared its intentions to continue planning further initiatives which will be shared shortly.  This will help them gain political acolytes to walk up capital hill. 

Grant to Support Black Businesses & BLM

Businesses that are looking to apply for the scheme must email, and the brand promises to review and respond to as many applicants as possible.

Ross is one of many designers using their international recognition to support black businesses as the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum. Brother Vellies designer Aurora James recently called for America’s biggest retailers to start buying 15% of products from black-owned businesses as part of her 15 Percent Pledge project.

Jun 16, 2020

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