Now that you have experienced the arrival of your newborn, you can easily understand how people say that there is life before the baby and after the baby. That’s not to say that one is better than the other, but there is an undeniable new norm that begins to take shape for you and your partner and will continue to shift and change in years to come. It’s hard to know what exactly you need in those early stages, so we have put together a guide to ensure you aren’t left without anything now that the baby has come.

A stroller

One of the first things you want to buy from the baby store is a stroller. This will provide you a way to get out of the house to stretch your legs, see the sun and get your little one off to sleep. A stroller truly is a gift for both baby and parent, and will be your saviour from day one! If you are unsure about which model to choose, test then out at the baby store and ask your peers for advice based on their experience.

A bathing set-up

Not everyone has a bath in their home, and so you have to get creative when it comes to baby’s bath time. Not to mention, the bath is too big for your tiny newborn for almost a year, requiring a bathing seat or tub in the early stages. There has been a real shift towards parents holding their little one in the shower instead of a bath, as homes are beginning to be built without much consideration to baths. Set yourself up with a bathing tub that can be placed on the bench, dining table or anywhere that will make the experience an easy and enjoyable one.

Breast pump

The idea of a breast pump might make you laugh, as your little one might not be giving you the opportunity to remove them from your breast much less pump! A breast pump is going to be your godsend as it will allow you to get out of the house from time to time with your partner able to feed on your behalf without baby going without. Bottle feeding also gives your non-feeding partner an opportunity to bond with the baby, as breastfeeding truly is a special experience that only you get to enjoy. You will not find breast pumping to be fun or easy exercise initially, but keep at it and it becomes a lot more manageable and quick.


We are not suggesting that a pacifier becomes your easy way of satisfying the needs of your baby, but they do come in handy from time to time. If your little one won’t go down despite being fed, changed and bathed, a pacifier will help you stop their winging and lull them into sleep. When you are breastfeeding, babies instinctively suck when they sleep and the pacifier will allow them to have something to connect to. Try not to make this something they use too much when they are awake, as you want them to be interacting with their surroundings and finding ways to entertain themselves, rather than mindlessly sucking.

If you are starting to feel a little more confident about the arrival of your baby – that’s great! Look, there are many money things you might find yourself needing at various stages of early parenthood. These items will go a long way in easing the initial shock of a new member to your family, so remember to just enjoy the ride and don’t be shy about asking for help when you might need it.

Jan 20, 2020

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