Who doesn't love a new skincare brand? The latest range from Skin Proud to hit ASOS' website aims to inspire people to be comfortable and confident with their happy, healthy skin.

Promoting the 'less is more' ideology, Skin Proud's new range includes just ten products; a tonic, a mist, a balm (suitable for all areas of your skin), a hyaluronic acid moisturiser, a bright eye cream, a cooling eye stick, an overnight mask and three different serums. Retinol and vitamin C are not everyone's cup of tea and can be harsh when used daily on some skin so there's the hyaluronic acid serum too.

A selection of Skin Proud's latest range on ASOS

100 per cent vegan and PETA-approved cruelty-free, believing that skincare products should be made up with simple ingredients to benefit the skin as much as possible.

Skincare shouldn't be complicated. By no means are we saying get rid of your step-by-step routine but we should be cleansing and hydrating our skin without adding every ingredient in science to our skin in some form of liquid or cream - something Skin Proud advocates.

A study of 2,000 people showed that more than three quarters of adults feel comfortable in their own skin - despite social pressures to look 'perfect'.

Moreover, 31 per cent from the same study said that celebrities should encourage natural beauty, with more than a third believing it’s important for influencers and those in the spotlight to celebrate both perfections and imperfections.

Social media has long been under attack for its own attack on people's appearance; many feel their self-esteem has been lowered from constant scrolling through flawless-looking faces.

Skin Proud is encouraging everyone to be happy with their own, natural skin

There is definitely celebration when key figures come forward showing themselves without the use of an editing app or face filter. In fact, it also emerged that 18-24-year olds feel most strongly about influencers, feeling empowered when they see natural images of those in the spotlight

Nora Zukauskaite, global head of marketing at Skin Proud, said: “it’s great to see how proud and confident the nation already are – we should all be embracing our skin, because ultimately that is what makes us who we are."

Continuing, Nora adds that “we want to encourage people to feel proud of every freckle and mole – there are no filters here at Skin Proud, after all there is no better natural glow than confidence.

Clinical skincare expert Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghegood or bad skin – good skin is the skin you’re in.

"As a medical doctor and a clinical skincare expert, I was really impressed with the Skin Proud range and the actives included within the formulas which enhance your skin and make the most of what you’ve got and it’s so simple and achievable for all.

The brand has been encouraging people across the world to share their selfies and photos of themselves with the hashtag #IAmSkinProud.

Skin Proud's range is exclusive to ASOS and prices range from £7.99 to £14.99.

May 30, 2020

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