Magnetic lashes are good quality fake lashes that sandwich your natural lash between two magnetic lashes with magnetic strips. Some lashes also work with a magnetic eyeliner. 

Not long ago, magnetic lashes were introduced in the beauty industry, and everyone went crazy over them. Most beauty queens love the idea of applying these false but beautiful magnetic lashes without using lash glue and with no fear of their corners popping out. Many people were skeptical at first; however, magnetic lashes proved every insinuation wrong. They’re the talk of the town, and everyone wants to get themselves a pair of these magnificent and easy-to-use lashes.

Beautiful Magnetic Lashes


Beautiful Magnetic Lashes

Whether you like to appear undeniably attractive with your charming looks or you’re trying to rock that work conference, false lashes are a must. They give your eyes definition and make your personality appear charismatic. However, applying traditional false lashes can be quite a hassle. One step wrong and you have to start from scratch. With magnetic lashes, you can say goodbye to all your lash problems, as using them is super easy. They are a great beauty product and eliminate the need to struggle with glue and adhesive disasters. Just take them out and let the magnets do their work.

How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

No doubt, everyone loves beautiful magnetic lashes. They have received a tremendous amount of appreciation from all over the world because they are effortless to apply and work by a simple trick. As the name suggests, magnetic lashes have a very thin magnetic part at their base. For each eye, there’s a pair of lash hair with magnets that stick together. With your original lashes in between, you apply these lashes on the top and bottom of your natural lash line. The magnets stick and hold each other, giving you the ultimate diva transformation.

How to Apply Beautiful Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes gained worldwide fame due to their easy application and high quality. Therefore, applying them is very simple and easy. To make it even easier for you, here is a step by step guide on how to use these beautiful magnetic lashes:

  • Make sure the lashes fit your lash line. If there longer don’t hesitate to trim them a bit
  • Gently take the lashes out of the container
  • Apply the top lashes. Place them on top of your lash line
  • Apply the bottom lashes below your lash line such that the magnet sticks to that of the one on top
  • Repeat these steps on the other eye

Apply volume-enhancing mascara on your original lashes to give create an extra dramatic look.

The latest magnetic lashes are even better. You just have to apply a magnetic eyeliner and then put one magnetic lash on that eyeliner. The magnetic eyeliner somehow holds the lash. And you’re all done! 

Why Use Magnetic Lashes?

If you’re still wondering why to opt for magnetic lashes, here’s the answer. There are many reasons people prefer to use beautiful magnetic lashes instead of the regular falsies. Some of these reasons include:

  • They are re-usable. You don’t have to spend money on getting false lashes again and again
  • They are extremely easy to use and save you from the lash glue fiasco
  • Magnetic lashes are usually waterproof
  • They save your precious time while giving you a classy outlook
  • Unlike traditional false lashes, they don’t pop out and drop off your eyelids
  • You don’t have to worry about any allergic reaction or irritation from the adhesive
  • They make you look magnificent

All in all, magnetic lashes work wonders for your appearance and make sure you look like a stunner. They look great, are very easy to handle, save time, and make everyone fall in love with them. If you’re a fashion lover and you haven’t tried these lashes yet, hurry up and get yourself a pair of some beautiful magnetic lashes and enjoy everything they have to offer.

May 27, 2020

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