If your favourite meal you're missing during this lockdown is a burger, stop stressing as we are bringing our favourite burger kits and home delivery burgers so all that's left for you to do is decide which you're ordering first.

From DIY kits to make your own meal at home to the best burgers that are delivering to your door (contactless, of course), we have got you covered.

Including a mix of classic meat patties from popular burger spots across London, as well as plant-based patties that are also in demand, these are the burgers you should have on your radar to fix that craving if and when it arises.

Vurger Co.

Enjoy your plant-based burger fix with Vurger Co.

Starting off with one of our plant-based favourites which is delivering DIY burger kits this quarantine. Make your own New York Melt burger with the package of ingredients and sink your teeth into pure goodness. Available for two or four people, the kits include brioche-style buns, Beyond Meat patties, gluten-free cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and that iconic Vurger sauce (seriously, we need this recipe as we're definitely addicted). Vurger even throw in some gluten-free fries for you so you get the full experience. This place has done well to secure Beyond Meat as I genuinely had a hard time telling the difference; perfect texture and taste. Had I not been very much aware that I was eating a plant-based burger, would I have known? It's hard to tell. A great option for anyone trying to lower their meat intake during lockdown - or in general. Keep checking the website's delivery slots as Vurger does deliver nationwide!

£18.95 for the takeout box for two.

Neat Burger

Neat Burger is another popular plant-based favourite doing delivery

If you want your vegan burger fix but have ruled out cooking it yourself, don't worry as Neat Burger is delivering their menu across London. A popular plant-based option among the green community, it's been dubbed a real 'gamer changer' and is backed by none other than Lewis Hamilton. All you Beyond Meat fans are in luck as this is also the what goes into Neat Burger's menu, as well as the restaurant collaborating with This Isn't Chicken. Additionally ethical, the company works with The Eden Project so for every product sold, a tree is planted. In case you wanted to do some good during lockdown. A plus side is that this will satisfy your burger craving but you can also add some Neat Nuggets and a Neat Dog to your order too. You can order these signature burgers (and more) on Deliveroo if you're in London and it just expanded its delivery catchment area too. We don't think you'll want to miss out.

Burger prices start from £6.49.

Bite Me Burger

Bite Me Burger is perfect for the indecisive...

Not everyone wants to cook at home if they're technically ordering it in and that's fine as well. Unsure of what kind of burger you're craving exactly in lockdown? We don't blame you - it's been a while, obviously. Bite Me Burger is the perfect place for anyone feeling this way as they are slider central and have a decent range of beef, chicken, fish and veggie burgers for you to make your own selection to eat at home. Meat-eaters can choose from a Classic American Bite, Jack Daniel's slider and Lambtastic situation; there's Pluck Me and Hail Caesar chicken burgers and the Vegetri-Anne and Vegan Me options for those veggie and plant-based guests.

A duo box costs £8 with options going up to the dozen box for £44.

Aldi's Halloumi Burgers

If delivery isn't for you, try Aldi's Halloumi burgers (available in store)

If ordering delivery or DIY kits isn't for you, that's no problem. Get your burger fix from your local supermarket. Obviously there's a variety of meat, veggie and plant-based options to choose from but if you're able to get down to an Aldi, the store has brought back its famous halloumi burgers. Get a pack of two of the Specially Selected Halloumi Burgers for just £2.99. Made with creamy Cypriot halloumi cheese, coated in golden batter, we're putting this right where it belongs: in a toasted brioche bun with crunchy lettuce, tomato, pickles and we might even have a go at making our own sweet chilli jam or onion relish. Need better news? Aldi is also selling its Specially Selected Halloumi fries (also £2.29) so you can either go hard or go home with your halloumi fix - or save them for a separate snack.

Baggio Burger

Get your Italian American burger fix at home with Baggio Burger

An Italian American burger spot, drawing inspiration from Naples and the Amalfi Coast, this place has been a go-to among the foodie circuit. Baggio Burger is not only offering delivery on its delicious burgers, it's also selling DIY kits for you to recreate this goodness at home. At the moment, there are two options - both having Baggio's signature Italian twist to them. To recreate the 'Baggio Bacon', the cheeseburger kit will include the signature dry aged beef mince, brioche buns, American cheese, parma ham, sun-dried tomato ketchup and pickled onions. The 'Toppolino' is our personal favourite so ordering this kit would include the dry aged beef mince and brioche buns, but this time with mozzarella, gorgonzola and parmesan cheese (yes, we're drooling too) - oh and some fig jam. Wonder why you might not have heard of these burger kits until now? Baggio Burger was cooking seven days a week for frontline workers during the first six week stint of lockdown. Now if that's not an excuse to order...

The kits range from £25-£30 for four servings.

Honest Burgers

Honest Burger's kits include their famous rosemary salt for your chips, don't worry

Popular burger joint Honest Burgers is running Honest at Home, allowing you to get your burger fix without leaving the house. Launched nationwide, you don't have to live in London to get your hands on these burgers. The kits were originally in limited availability, with the profits being divided among charities in need during the lockdown; Landworkers Alliance, Hospitality Action and Trussell Trust - with over £9000 being raised (as well as 8000 meals being donated to hospitals and food banks. But now everyone can get involved. A kit will include four chopped British chuck steak and rib cap patties (straight from the Honest Butchery), four British cheddar slices, four dry cured smoked bacon rashers, four burger buns (from The Bread Factory), Honest's own red onion relish and pickles. For those who have been missing Honest Burgers' fries, fear not as a portion of rosemary salt will be included in each kit to sprinkle on your own fries and make the expereince even closer to that of the restaurants'. You even get an Honest tote bag. All you need to do is supply your own lettuce, cook, assemble and take a bite.

£30 for four burgers and delivery is included

Moving Mountains

Cook Moving Mountains' sausage patty at home in lockdown

Moving Mountains is known for its selection of plant-based burgers and sausages but new to the range is the sausage burger. Made from a mix of oyster mushrooms, pea and wheat protein, it is perfectly seasoned with an authentic sweet taste to the patty. Being a sausage patty means that it is a great choice for all meals of the day; whether you want to recreate a sausage muffin for breakfast or have it in a burger bun for lunch or dinner. This one is a good choice if you're not a huge fan of the taste of beef but still want to cook your burgers, following your own recipe, at home.

£4.50 for two patties

Jun 1, 2020

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