Black Owned Beauty Brands Pending..

Now, more than ever, in this difficult and testing climate we should we be supporting and celebrating beauty brands, specifically owned and slayed by black entrepreneurs. Following the travesty that was George Floyd this year, outrage and protests were held across the world with millions rising against police brutality and racism, while the rest of the world showed their support with the emerging #BlackLivesMatter movement across social platforms.


It has become evident the anguish imposed upon the black community every day, so let’s support the movements by educating ourselves, and support black owned businesses.Often facing greater challenges in sustaining and growing their businesses, establishing bank loans and finding investors due to lack of access to financial support in comparison to the white community. Without the black community, the beauty industry would cease to stand as we all love and adore it today. Nail art, hair extensions, and wigs for example, are a staple in black culture and have been adopted by a lot of us today.


Aurora James, founder of the fashion label Brother Vellies supported a speculated statement that business made excluding black communities have made a huge impact on potential growth by issuing a statement on Instagram addressing a variety of brands.

via. Vogue

I am asking you to commit to buying 15% of your products from Black owned businesses. So many of your businesses are built on Black spending power. So many of your stores are set up in Black communities. So many of your sponsored posts are seen on Black feeds. This is the least you can do for us. We represent 15% of your shelf space.. Whole Foods if you were to sign on to this pledge, it could immediately drive much needed support to Black farmers. Banks will be forced to take them seriously because they will be walking in with major purchase orders from Whole Foods. Investors for the very first time will start actively seeking them out.” She continues to say.. “Don’t get me wrong, I understand the complexities of this request. I am a businesswoman. I have sold millions of dollars of product over the years at a businessI started with $3500 at a flea market. So I am telling you we can get this figured out. This is an opportunity. It is your opportunity to get in the right side of this..”


With all this contribution to the beauty industry, returning the contribution such as a purchase, a follow on social media, a share, will not only mean that you’re supporting black owned businesses and its community, but supporting young and emerging entrepreneurs. Just some incredibly companies that you should definitely follow are seen below..


Pat McGrath Labs

Of course PatMcGrath was in the mix.. The sensational British makeup artist whose bold,luxurious, and extravagant looks encourage us to push past the boundaries of standard makeup looks. Pat McGrath has been running her brand since 2016, and although her products are on the higher price end, they’re like gold dust and worth every penny.

via. Fashionista


Boucleme, founded by Michele Scott-Lynch is a brand loved by all with naturally curly hair and built from a personal hair journey. An ethical brand sourced, and manufactured in the UK and found in retailers such as Boots and Look Fantastic.

via. Boucleme

Beauty Bakerie

Founded by Cashmere Nicole after personal difficulties inspired her to launch her own beauty brand, Beauty Bakerie is inspired by baking! Products like the Flour setting powder and Blending Eggs is accompany the cutest packaging and can be found in retailers such as Boots, and Cult Beauty.

via. Look Fantastic

Juvia’s Place

Celebrating the beauty of Africa through vibrant, rich, and quality formulas is Juvia’s Place. Remarkably behind every colour is a story stemming from the attraction of Africa, resulting in flawless looks.

via. Juvia's Twitter


Follow us on all social platforms @stylecartel and let us know if you know of any businesses that deserve recognition and support!

Oct 17, 2020

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