One of the biggest trends in the past year is reusing and recycling. Whether it's thrift shopping or simply fixing your own clothes, manic buying every week is just not in style anymore.

As the new generation becomes a larger player within the consumer market, it’s apparent they want things considered, eco and to last as long as possible. Long gone are the days where fast fashion retailers flogged us new stuff every day, now they come under scrutiny from their market. This is where the brand BODE (by Emily Bode) comes into play.

Via BODE on Instagram
Who is BODE?

‚ÄėBODE is a luxury menswear brand that expresses a sentimentality for the past through the study of personal narratives and historical techniques‚Äô the website states. BODE‚Äôs online bio continues to say ‚ÄėThe brand began with a collection of one-of-a-kind garments composed entirely of antique textiles and continues to reinvigorate American menswear through the art of story telling‚Äô.

‚ÄėReinvigorate‚Äô is a word perfect for the brand, Bode‚Äôs eye for fabrics that most would deem unnecessary creates such interesting textiles. For example, in their most recent summer collection there are shirts made from ‚Äėdozens of pockets of 1980s mens Oxford shirts‚Äô. This creates a one-of-a-kind piece that can never be recreated. For example, original embroidery detailing from the pockets can be seen giving it some authenticity.

Via Bode on Instagram
Female designers for mens fashion

Emily Bode herself is one to admire, Bode was the first female designer to show a mens collection at NYFW. This opened up many opportunities for female menswear designers, allowing them to explore and create for the opposite gender. Bode’s brand launched in 2016 and her focus is on slow fashion, allowing her time to curate these unique pieces.

Via Bode on Instagram

BODE is absolutely one to watch, from reusing horse ribbons or reinventing patchwork, it’s a very exciting time to see what she will reuse next.


Sep 11, 2020

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