he last couple of years, I have been flaunting my naturally curly hair. Wearing my cool curls defined my modelling career. Having curly hair can be a bit of a pain spending time & money for curly hair products. Some of them are quite expensive and sell you a dream. I have tried seven products that are catered to naturally curly hair. These seven products are not only effective but also affordable. I have tried from shampoo’s, conditioners, oils, styling creams and etc. Here at SC, we got you, babe.

1. Only Curls All Curl Cleanser & Conditioner £32.00

Only Curls is one of the gentle shampoo & conditioners I’ve ever used. It is sustainable (recycled bottles) and vegan. It is free of sulfate, parabens, silicone, animal testing and etc. Definitely one of the best cleansers I’ve used. Not only does it cleanse my curls but it also leaves them soft and tangle-free. When I dry my curls with a diffuser it is more defined, moisturized most importantly it stays frizz-free.

2. Activilong Sapote Black Castor Oil Puff Cream & Leave-In Conditioner £7.99

Do you have bleached hair or dry brittle hair? I can imagine the frustration. I have bleached hair if I don’t use leave-in conditioner my hair definitely becomes dry. Using Activilong puff cream has fixed the dry and brittle bits and leaving my hair moisturized and soft. It is also non-greasy. This leave-in conditioner is filled with plant proteins, black castor oil, and sapote oil. Kinky hair goddess cream.

3. Aunt Jackies Girls Knot Havin’ It! Leave-in Ultimate Detangling Moisturiser £4.99

Believe me when I say this is a MUST BUY! I remember when I was a kid having these kinky tight curls; my mum used to have to cut on the knots on the back of my neck. When a girlfriend told her about this Aunt Jackies. I’ve been using Aunt JackieKnot Havin’ It for years. It is a detangling moisturiser for kinky curly hair. A little goes a long way, easy to comb through without breaking the hair and smells incredible.

4. Activilong ActivCurl Hydra Curl Activator Gel £6.29

Currently, in London, it is crazy humid. My hair tends to frizz or look statically sometimes. This is when Activilong Hydra Curl Gel comes in handy. Depending on the outfit of the day, I want a shaggy, wet look. I love this gel. My curls stay moisturised and shiny. It doesn’t leave my hair greasy, dry nor frizzy. It is one of my favourites for defining a wet curl look. It is rich with aloe vera, castor oil and rosemary leaf oil. Vegan-friendly!

5. Moroccan Oil £32.85

One of the most versatile oils ever. Moroccan hair oil absorbs rather quickly, leaving your hair silky and shiny without leaving your hair greasy. It is a great leave-in treatment; it helps to restore the hair from over-processing hair damage and chemical procedures. I could even use this little miracle oil for heat protection. A little goes a long way with this miracle oil. I do love to use Moroccan oil when I straighten my hair, it leaves my hair smooth.

6. Big Nanny’s Hair Oil £11.00 250ml

“For all our kings and queens, “Nanny says. I really love this hair oil. My hair is bleached, thirsty and could be brittle sometimes. Big Nanny’s is a big help for over-processed hair. It helps to soften the coarse, and moisturise your thirsty hair. If you’re wondering is it vegan? Yes, it is indeed. Tea Tree Oil is its highlight ingredient. Hair absorbs rather quickly and moisturizes without it being greasy. I see my hair much shinier and most importantly NO SHRINKAGE!

7. Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Masque £12.99

Shea Moisture has been my life savour these last couple of months. This 10-in-1 Superfruit Hair Masque is what we’ve all been waiting for. Whether you are bleached, processed or normal hair, it contains an intensive amount of antioxidants such as Goji, Acai, Guava, Ketone, Raspberries and so on. Marula oil is the key ingredient for supporting and deep conditioning. There is added Biotin to nourishing, rejuvenation, strength and protection. You will only see the benefits if you use it weekly. It smells DELICIOUS! Got to love a great hair masque. It leaves my hair smelling amazing, soft, shiny, and extremely soft.

8. Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control £24.00

Here at SC, we have spoken about Innersense. Specifically, Quiet Calm Curl Control is an amazing styling cream. It is rich in Rice Bran oil and oat extract. It strengthens and protects. It leaves my hair hydrated, smooth and fluffy. My curls are much more voluminous yet defined when I use Calm Control. Bonus, it has antioxidants to protect your curls & scalp from pollution.

Nejilka, xo

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Nov 21, 2019

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