Dating While Distancing?| Has Cupid Flown The Coup 

Some ladies here in the last few weeks have been dating from a distance and joined House Party chat rooms.  One of the questions that keep coming up is dating while distancing. How is dating going to work after being on lockdown for weeks? Has Cupid Flown The Coup?

Sexual Anthropology

We will all be sex-deprived unless you had toys to keep you occupied. How will dating change for single women?  Will men reconsider the words" I am not looking for anything serious. " Now that the " stay home " slogan made all singles lonely.

Will singles re-think that being single is the best thing ever?  Would it have been great to have someone to snuggle up with? Now, we are just paranoid if future suiters were clean enough to sleep with.  How will we hook up in the future?

Has Cupid Flown The Coup 

An ode to The Beatles song " All You Need Is Love." Is how I feel about what is yet to come.  How we all learn to love again?  Will we meet the one who's name we want to shout from the rooftops?  Fear, not single ladies?

With what is happening, love will bloom again!  But will you be ready for it? I all I can say is trust in the universe.  Now is the time in your life to let love lead.  If your still unsure check your horoscopes.  Buy some sexy lingerie and smile more when you do go out.  

The joke is that many couples will break up at this time because they have spent so much time with each other.  People will have had a minute to marinate on who they are with and maybe reconsider the person they want to sleep next to each night.   Because maybe Cupid has flown the coup.

This post lockdown vibe will have people wanting to meet new people.  And monogamy will be fresh in the minds of men and women with new dating rules.  Are we ready to have new monogamous relationships in the modern world after the coronavirus? Maybe we should start sending loves letters again.


Mar 30, 2020

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