Eco-friendly brands are the future of fashion on this earth, if we want to keep this planet healthy and provide decent work conditions for everyone. With eco-friendly brands, there is access to different types of fabrics; such as bamboo fibre, hemp, cotton without chemical fertilizer, cork leather, recycled fabrics from plastic (PVC & POLYETHYLENE).

These fabrics are natural and don’t hurt anyone on this earth, so why do not vote for a brand who is in peace with earth and people.The origins of eco-friendly brands started around the 90s with the German brand ESPRIT and the American brand PATAGONIA who established different ways to work fabric. From years multiple brands have seen the impact of fashion on earth, and they have developed, evolved and innovated ways to create clothes with respect to the world we live in. Below are some brands who successfully mix fashion with sustainability.


Katla is an American brand. They work using sustainable fabrics, including organic cottons and recycled plastics. Dreamy and bohemian looks with long fluid dress and flared shirts to make your summer chill and wavy. But they also offer a cosy touch with their amazing hoodie 100% organic cotton.


People tree is an English brand who use sustainable practices, tencel fibres & organic cotton. Their identity is casual chic, and you will find your happiness with midi skirts, fluid trousers, inka print tops or floral dresses in a variety of spring colours.


Amour vert is an American brand whose ethos is based on a practice of zero waste, non-toxic dye and sustainable sourcing. If you love the simple chic, you will love this brand. Basic T-shirts in a variety of colours, wavy trousers and midi dresses are the base of this amazing brand. They are also helping during the COVID19 cause making non-toxic and sustainable masks.



Organic basics is a Danish brand who is specialise in underwear and socks for men and women. Uniting comfort and fashion whilst respecting the environment, you will find underwear in a variety of different shades.


Eco Vibe is an American brand who works with recycled & natural materials and sustainable produced. Inside this brand you will find pieces ranging from chic to casual. From denim pieces to long flowy dresses, colourful ponchos or light jumpsuit, they have something perfect for a sunny day.




May 11, 2020

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