My journey is an interesting one. I qualified as a dentist in 1993 and worked in both general and cosmetic dentistry and lived in the NW until I moved to the beautiful SW in March 2013. Dentistry here was not as fulfilling as when I worked in the NW, and I felt more disillusioned every day in my career. I was waiting for that lightbulb moment for inspiration, and it came along later in 2013. I attended a show ( CCR) in November and watched a demonstration of fat freezing, and the presenter was a dentist.

Dr Pradnya An Aesthetic Practitioner  Talks Botox

I went to chat with her afterwards, and she too, had felt illusioned about dentistry as a whole and found aesthetic medicine more rewarding. As the train left Paddington that evening, a lightbulb went off in my head. Aesthetic medicine was a career that I could move into as it encompassed all the attributes that I as a dental professional, I had to adhere to, and patient care was at the top of the list! I had done my basic and advanced botox and dermal filler training in Harley Street in 2006 and dabbled with it from time to time. My dental career was so successful I didn’t feel the need to do many facial aesthetics.

I knew after that train journey; my life would change forever. I knew that I would have to work extremely hard to get to be a person of influence in this new arena of medicine and work hard I did which has now led me to where I am today.

What services do you offer?

I primarily am an Aesthetic practitioner but am known for complete facial rejuvenation, my trademarked treatment, the rejuvlalift using Silhouette Soft Threads and Elllanse collagen stimulating filler and for improving facial profiles especially the lips, the LipFXpro which is another treatment that I have trademarked. I also treat excessive sweating and treat migraines with Botox ®
I am also very passionate about nurturing the skin, the ‘tapestry’ on which I lend my creativity. If the ‘tapestry’ is of good quality, I find the aesthetic outcomes even better and results. Hence, I also carry out chemical peels and IMAGE Skincare Medi facials to address skin concerns such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation. Education is a critical element of my Aesthetic Consultation.

How old do you think someone should be for botox?

This is a question of ethics to my mind. As a general rule, I start treating patients, both men and women from mid  -the too late ’30s, especially if they have moderate to deep static lines in their forehead and mid-brow areas.

I have however treated the occasional person in their late 20’s who had unusually deep static forehead lines and had to wear a heavy fringe to disguise it. It had a psychological impact on her. Treating her forehead with Botox completely changed how she felt about herself and ultimately, she started wearing her fringe up.

Would you ever decline a request?

I think ethical medicine is critical here, and I am a firm believer in being honest with my patients. If I feel there is going to be no benefit to them, then I will decline to treat them or if they are too young. It is about what makes you sleep at night.
Money is not my driver, and it is a shame that there are so many unethical practitioners out there, just out for financial gain.

Beauty tip for staying younger?

There are three things I always recommend- physical sunscreen, Retinol and pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C
I love the Prevention Plus moisturiser from IMAGE Skincare, and I wear the tinted one. It has a blue light filter too, which helps prevent ageing from looking at our mobile phone screens and laptops!
Physical sunscreens are more preventative than chemical as they start to reflect the ageing rays of the sun immediately upon application, a ‘mirror-like effect.’

I also recommend the Retinol Booster from the MD range again from IMAGE Skincare. Retinol is so essential for its antiaging benefits, and is sometimes termed as ‘rocket fuel for antiaging.’ The Vital C antiaging serum is a firm favourite that all my patients love as Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis. I also think that glycolic acid plays a considerable part by lifting the deep-seated dirt and debris out of your skin which in turns increases cellular renewal and stimulates collagen formation. I adore the AGELESS Resurfacing mask from IMAGE Skincare which I recommend to use at least twice per week.

Why is that important to you?

Skins are delicate, and for many, they show a history of our lives. We only get one coat, so my philosophy is to look after it well, love and nurture it. As I have previously mentioned, if you are getting injectable treatments from your aesthetic doctor, good healthy skin is an integral of the successful outcome of your treatment. Wearing high street skincare merely is not going to cut it, and your aesthetic results do not last as long.

What is the new normal for you?

I am not thinking like that, How the world adjusts is yet to be seen, but I am thankful for all my family and friends to stay healthy mentally and physically.

What did I learn from quarantine?

I learnt many things, but the main thing was not to take my life for granted, and I do not mean healthily as I practise gratitude daily. I am thankful for my good health and those of my friends and family. I practice this many times per day but to appreciate a simple thing like meeting a friend for a glass of fizz, going to see a show, going to an art gallery and doing something that I love like eating in restaurants!
Having our freedom snatched from us in a flash is something I never envisaged in my lifetime, and I am sure not did the millions of people globally. Still, my whole concept of practising gratitude has completely changed on how I view my life and to take nothing, even my freedom to live as I wish for granted.

When do you see your industry getting back to usual business?
I think that we all as aesthetic practitioners, have a long road ahead and life will eventually get back to normal in the coming months. Many Clinics are starting to open their doors from June onwards and as long as strict protocols are in place and insurance companies willing to insure, I believe that all aesthetic practitioners want to get back to normality asap so we can do the jobs we love and help patients start feeling better about themselves again.

How are you coping?

These last seven weeks have completely flown by! I have coped well with working hard in the background writing blogs, carrying out aesthetic consultations and staying positive! In the run-up to lockdown I was living a seriously crazy life and in Feb was in London, Bristol, Dubai and Mumbai all in one week. This lockdown has made my body rest and recuperates, which was desperately needed not only for my physical but also for my mental wellbeing!

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for absolutely everything, including down to the clean running water when I take a shower to be allowed to enjoy another day on beautiful planet earth loving the plants, trees and sky. This lockdown has made Mother Earth breathe again, and I am so grateful for this too.

What lesson did you learn from your grandmother?
My dear grandmother ( maternal) was an amazing, inspiring woman who taught me how to be more philosophical, work hard, and most of all, be humble!!

What message do you want to send to the Universe?

I want to say a huge ‘ Thank you ‘ to the Universe for everything I have achieved, achieving and going to achieve.  I also want to send a massive message of thankfulness to allow peace to be achieved in humanity and allow mother earth and nature to thrive once more!

May 22, 2020

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