The brand ERBORIAN from Korea just launched four shades of a practical and wearable BB creams, in the shape of a crayon. A chubby pencil, they are called BB CRAYON AU GINSENG, they are ready to go, and they also are purse-friendly, which means they can go anywhere without creating chaos in your bag. 

Erborian Korean Beauty

They are great because their packaging was designed to be easy to carry; also, they are lightweight. They come in four shades, Clear, Nude, Dore and Caramel.  They are intended to be applied all over the face, for touch-ups, like concealers and also as highlighters.

Makeup Monday| Erborian  BB Crayons

One of the best tips is to use the BB CRAYON all over the eyelids and also to cover dark circles, then you blend the product with a foundation brush, and you have the perfect canvas to create a fierce eye look.   It serves as a primer and uniforms the skin into the ideal art as well. 

One of the perks of having these round pens is that they can go with you everywhere.  They are makeup drama-free, which means they will never break in our bags or suitcases. Also foolproof, any girl, the makeup junky or the non-experienced, can easily play with these beautiful fat pencils. 

One of the essential tips is to apply a light moisturizer all over the eye and cheek area, then blend it very well before you use the bb crayon.  It’s better when you have a little extra moisturizer at the beginning of the day.   Also, it helps the pencil glide even better and smoother. 

If you like pale lips that resemble your skin, then go ahead and dab some lip balm on and then dab some of the BB cream pencils onto the lips.   To create the perfect nude instead of carrying a lipstick, this tip is great for a minimalist type of girl, the ones that go out just with a couple of makeup items, and optimize them to the max. 

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Written by Sergio Corvacho

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Mar 16, 2020

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