ver the past year, I have become a beauty and wellness junky. Now that the holiday season is here I want to look my best, and every Friday is an excuse to go get a facial. This Facial Friday I had the opportunity to get a Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa. I scheduled an AQ Skin Solutions GFIT Glow Getter Treatment for 60mn at £600! Luxury treatments are worth it!

Facial Friday|Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

Christmas Glow Ready

I am worth it and understand great skincare is expensive. But the results are worth every penny. I have to admit I was a bit scared about the treatment. What is micro-needling is it like acupuncture. Ouch, I am willing to try anything to get rid of these forehead wrinkles, the rest of my face and body is too young to look older because of my expression lines. I cannot help it being animated is part of my DNA.

So for another facial Friday, I am off t try AQ Skin Solutions GFIT Glow Getter Treatment to get my face sexy for the holidays. Friends that have had the treatment either love it or hate. I wanted to try it for myself.

This divine treatment starts with a double cleanse followed by the iconic Growth Factor Induced Therapy Treatment which includes the application of the super potent AQ Recovery Serum. It is also known as the holy grail followed by a micro-needling session using AQ Skin Solutions Derma Pen.

Then a second, more local, application of the AQ Recovery Serum to help the penetration of the serum in the deeper layers of the skin. The micro-needling session is followed by the implementation of the AQ Sheet Mask to soothe the skin, a 10 mn facial massage and the application of AQ Skin Solutions Eye and Facial Serums.

AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

Facial Friday|Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

What to expect: An exceptional glow 15mn after the end of the treatment for a minimum of 2 weeks. As part of a course of regular treatments at least every 2 months, the Glow Getter will help significantly reduce the signs of ageing and dramatically reduce scarring. Depending on the type of scars.

Facial Friday

Facial Friday|Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

I had the procedure two weeks ago, and my skin is still glowing. The best part for me is that my forehead lines have decreased and not come back. My forehead went from a 6 pack to a 4 pack, which I am ecstatic about! This seasoned women cannot wait until till the New Year to get another treatment. The treatment totally amazed me by the results of the Glow Getter Treatment facial. I feel more confident and stopped wearing bangs to cover my forehead.

Facial Friday|Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

I am super surprised at the results and the alternative to getting botox in my forehead. The beauty technicians at the salon are super professional and friendly. The women who performed the treatment on me was lovely and talked me through the entire procedure and explained everything.

Facial Friday|Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

With this said I will be booking an appointment the New Year because this actually gets rid of my forehead wrinkles. Totally facial Friday fan here. Now I just have to practice relaxing my forehead to manage the results.

About EF MediSpa EF MEDISPA is one of the UK’s leading medical spas and skin clinics, renowned for cutting edge, innovative face and body treatments, ranging from non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies right through to cosmetic surgery options. Launched in 2006 by founder Esther Fieldgrass, EF MediSpa has been recognised for outstanding work by leading industry and consumer awards over the years.

Facial Friday|Christmas Glow with AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa

I am ready for the holidays with the Christmas Glow from AQ Skin Solutions & EF MediSpa. You can say I am a beauty influencer turned addicted client now. I will be back for the treatment again. Even though it did tickle it was totally worth it. Look at my skin. Follow us on Instagram for another addition of Facial Friday.

EF MediSpa.: Address: 29 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4LL

Nov 29, 2019

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