We’ve all become accustomed to masks now, they’re part of our lives whether we like it or not. For most of us they’re a blue rectangle we use to go to shops, however brands are starting to get creative with them – giving us more choice than ever before.

High Tech Masks 

The most notable mask drop has to be UNIQLO’s, this release had people queuing down the street to purchase one in Japan back in June. Many have anticipated the release in other countries – not just the brand’s home. Finally this long awaited piece of PPE has come to the US.

Why are people going crazy for this mask? Surely it’s just like the others plastered everywhere? Well, UNIQLO’s AIRism mask is the perfect mix of technology and fashion, unlike all the other masks on the market at the moment. The masks utilize the brand’s own ‘AIRism’ technology; this allows it to be protective whilst also being comfortable and washable.

The brand's mask via Instagram

AIRism is designed with a three-layer structure and a built in filter. This filter gives 99 percent BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). This is supposed to block water droplets, bacteria, virus particles and even pollen. The fabric is non-woven cotton, which has good wicking properties and removes sweat to keep the user cool.

Fabric Technology For Your Face

A pack of three masks is $14.90, are all supposed to be washable up to 20 times. Though not completely reusable this gives a good long life to each. The masks come in three colours – black, white and grey. This colour palette isn’t the most adventurous, but with technology this sophisticated it doesn’t matter.

Via the Uniqlo website

UNIQLO have always incorporated specialized fabrics in their collections, on their website you even get the option to ‘Shop By Technology’ – giving options for HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down and UVProtection. Mixing these new technologies with chic daywear creates a new sector within the industry, especially in times like these where people are more concerned about what they’re buying and the longevity of it.

Maybe in months to come we will see other brands following this idea, especially as the public demand for it is very high right now. And who knows, maybe the masks will get even more specialized? It’s an exciting time to be a fabric developer for sure.

Shop the masks here
Sep 8, 2020

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