Thanks to lockdown easing, it seems as though you can be with dear old Dad for Father's Day - but even if you can't physically be there, we have just the tipples to take his fancy for an in-person celebration or a virtual 'Cheers!'

Raise a glass to dear old Dad with his drink of choice thanks to these brands - a mix of fun and premium drinks and spirits to celebrate the day. Come Father's Day or not, they'll be welcome in the kitchen cupboard and fridge for days to come - we're sure.


Scribbler has all sorts of boozy gifts for Father's Day gifts

Fun and flamboyant gift shop Scribbler has an assortment of boozy gifts that would make excellent Father's Day gifts - if you're looking to get your dad a drink for the occasion. With an extensive selection of beer, wine, gin, champagne and Prosecco, labelled with humorous jokes and images - these are sure to put a smile on your father's face. Bottles of wines are £16.99; beer £7.99 and gin £29.99. Be sure to let your dad know that he's 'a bloody legend' and that 'great minds drink alike'. Our personal favourite is knowing that a bottle of wine pairs very well with dealing with the in-laws or fighting with your family - after all, it's been three months of lockdown, has it not?


Craft beer company Brewgooder is on a mission to bring clean water to one million people - all with the profits of its beer gift card sales. The brewery brand has two gift cards on sale: the option to purchase 12 beers (£24.95 with shipping) or 24 beers (£40 with shipping) and you'll have the pleasure of supporting a small business simultaneously. The perfect gift for any father who prefers a beer in hand, rather than a glass of vino or neat spirit.

Get Dad a beer gift card from Brewgooder for Father's Day


If you're dad is a whisky lover, Jura makes an excellent Father's Day gift

Perfect for any father who's a fan of whiskies distilled on an island, Jura malt whisky is smooth, subtle and spicy. The distillery's signature series start at £35 for the signature series and go up to £650 if you're looking at rarer whiskies and the limited series. Out new is the red wine cask finish - with hints of balanced rich berry flavours from hand selected red wine casks. Priced at £40, it's a fair price for Jura and would make a great Father's Day gift. The deep mahogany gold is certainly attractive and drinkers can enjoy the hint of heather honey, sultana and caramel nose with the taste of berries and cinnamon spice.

Black Cow

Black Cow Vodka would make a great Father's Day gift

If you're not familiar with Black Cow Vodka, it is the first vodka in the world to be made from milk. Award-winning and sustainable, the milk is from leftover cheese-making and is fermented to convert the milk sugars into alcohol. After being distilled, blended and filtered, you're left with a smooth vodka with a creamy taste to it. Personally, my dad enjoys a vodka on the rocks but if yours has left drinking vodka straight in his twenties, the creamy Black Cow Vodka makes a perfect base for a White Russian cocktail. Add some coffee liqueur and cream or milk and you've got yourself a boozy iced coffee that would be quite enjoyable to share on Father's Day.


Who doesn't love a good G&T?

Gin lovers might be excited to know about Brookie's Gin - a natural gin from Byron Bar. Consisting of 25 botanicals, 17 of which are native to the family's regenerated rainforest. The botanicals are rarer than those you might find in your average gin, featuring sunrise finger limes, blood limes, kumquats and myrtle leaf. Citrus notes flow through, followed by deeper, spicier flavours such as native raspberries and macadamias. Maybe your dad would care to indulge in a Gin and Tonic on Father's Day or perhaps become the bartender and his gift can be Brookie's Cape Byron Collins cocktails all day. Mix the dry gin, pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup and top with soda water. Masters of Malt sell a bottle of Brookie's Gin for £39.95.


Another whisky worth trying and gifting for Father's Day

A newer whisky brand, Glasshouse Whisky only launched at the end of 2019. This premium blended Scotch whisky is made from 100 per cent malted barley, with the blend being combined Coffey and pot-distilled whisky. This means the whisky is clean and bright, with a honey-coloured colouring offering a honeycomb finish to its taste. Not only would any whisky-loving father enjoy this gift come Father's Day but it's a less pricey whisky to use as the foundation for your favourite cocktails. With an ABV of 46 per cent, Master of Malt is stocking the bottle for £29.

Jaffa Cake Gin

Imagine a Jaffa Cake liquid dessert as your Father's Day gift

Is anyone else a huge fan of flavoured gin? This Jaffa Cake flavoured gin is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and actual Jaffa Cakes. This could be excellent on its own, as the base of a Jaffa Cake Negroni cocktail or even in some delightful boozy cake scenario (is that just in our heads?) Imagine the tastiness of Jaffa Cakes but in a liquid dessert form, with a crisp juniper base that makes it perfect for gin lovers and those with a sweet tooth. The zesty flavour of citrus balances well with the deep, earthy chocolate taste and whether your father is a fan or not, we recommend getting a bottle of this delicious gin to try - Father's Day gift or not. Another one to buy from Masters of Malt (£27.95).

Devon Rum

There's a new rum in town and it could be the perfect Father's Day gift

Devon Rum Company is a small batch, premium spiced rum, expertly and ethically crafted in Devon. An English style of rum, comprised of a blend of Caribbean rums of Jamaica and Guyana. Once imported from the Caribbean, to the UK, the distillery strength nectar with Devonia spring water to bring the rum's ABV down to 40 per cent. Factor in an infusion of the company's own blend of natural aromatic spices, pepper and citrus zest. It's up to your dad whether he enjoys his Father's Day gift on its own, over ice or as a base for a cocktail. The rum is priced at £35.95 with free delivery to certain postcodes.

Jun 18, 2020

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