It is black history month in the UK, and we aim to support black-owned business in the UK. We want to take you with us on our appointment to Pia's salon in yummy mummy land of Chiswick Fly Nails London located in Chiswick Business Park.  A leafy, affluent district with a village feel in the hip part of West London. 

Fly Nails London

Fly Nails London| The Best Nail Art in West London

I grew up in the Big Apple that is New York where every corner had a nail salon, and black women frequented the nails salons before having your nails down was a priority.  In London, good nail salons are few and far between.  Yet like in the US, most are owned by the Asian community. Nail Art is Queen in the states, but only a black girl can give you the nail art a girl like me wants. After my appointment with Pia, I cannot wait to go back. 

Now that my nails are at an excellent length naturally, I want to go for those Cardi B nails! When in the hands of Pia, I felt safe and comfortable in her beautiful salon, there was love everywhere. It was clean, and she respects all the rules. You will not feel like the space is unhealthy like other salons I have been to since the lift of lockdown. 

Nail Art In West London
Fly Nails London| The Best Nail Art in West London

But you want to know why her nail art is on fire when your man says your nails are nice you know, it is hot. .  It was the first time, he made a comment on my nails in months.!  How could I go anywhere else? Especially when your nail technician has such a bubbly attitude!  We laughed and chatted the entire time.  It was hard to leave. She is also up on all the latest nail trends too.

Fly Nails London| The Best Nail Art in West London

So if you want a break from the new normal, and want to dress up to go to the nail salon 💅 then book your appointments at Fly Nails London.  Where you don't have to worry about COVID.  Just sit back and choose a design for the season.  We need something to make us smile these days.  Thanks to Pia, it was all smiles the entire time. 

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Oct 2, 2020

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