Getting rid of body hair - face or in other places - is something we all have to deal with. But finding the right tool can be tricky for some. Well, Flawless Beauty has sorted us out for facial hair with their new eyebrow and facial hair removal devices.

The eyebrow hair removal device from Flawless Beauty works almost like a trimmer - and let me tell you, I cannot wait to attack the hair above my eyebrows. Does anyone else find this area harder (and more time-consuming) to pluck with tweezers? It's the best part of getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed in a salon but while we are at home (and for anyone looking to save a bit of money), this could be just the fix.

Get rid of your stray brow hairs with Flawless Beauty's eyebrow device

Everyone trims/plucks/waxes/threads their eyebrows, so this was never an issue for me. But acknowledging that you have facial hair that is prominent enough (to your eyes or others) that you want to get rid of it, is another matter. We all have hair on our bodies and while the topic is getting less and less taboo, there is still some stigma associated with female body hair. Perhaps leg hair is okay but hair on other areas of your body is still 'not normal'.

I'm Iranian and while I love how my Middle Eastern heritage has given me tumbling, thick, dark locks of hair on my head and long, thick eyelashes that are the envy of all of my friends - I also got graced in hair on the rest of my body. I used to be ashamed of that and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't grimacing slightly at typing these words now, sharing this information. But the reality is, we all have it - whether it is fairer or darker or whatever. And as much as I value myself and think I'm important, brands like Flawless Beauty did not make a product just for me. There are enough people wanting to get rid of their body hair that these brands have made their sole trading principle and practice be about hair removal.

For me, personally, I was fine and accepting of the fact that I had hair on my face. It was reasonably fine and not a huge amount and I ignored it. How hilarious is it that it was the upgrade of my smartphone meaning an upgrade in camera that made me more concerned about the hair on my face. I'd take a selfie and the camera would be so good, it would pick up on the hairs on my chin. Not quite what I was expecting but hey, there are pros and cons to everything in life.

I was hesitant to use the facial hair removal device from Flawless Beauty- just as I've been hesitant to use any hair removal device/cream/wax on my face before. I have always worried the hair will grow back thicker or spikier and I'll be in a worse off position than I originally was. But I tested a small patch to see - with hope that should my skin or hair not take to this activity well, it wouldn't be my whole face. By the way, I would recommend this with all hair removal devices, creams or waxes; just as you test make up or test hair bleaching creams.

If you want to get rid of your facial hair, try Flawless Beauty


My conclusion? Not bad at all. I followed the instructions to use the device in a circular motion but it was easy to use, getting into the grooves of the skin with no issue at all. The light built into the device is perfect as well as it means you won't miss the odd stray hair either (how many of us have had those heart palpitations when even just shaving our legs and realising the next day we missed the hugest patch known to woman?!

I've not noticed any bad regrowth and I feel safer using a device specified for a certain area of the body - compared to some who might resort to using a regular shaving razor should they not know about Flawless Beauty.

The device is not designed for thick hair - it is designed for the hair that grows on your face, specifically. This gives me great comfort as I use and recommend it because every part of the face is so difference; hence why Flawless Beauty has a separate eyebrow hair removal device.

Check in with yourself regarding skin irritation if you do get a bit of a flare-up after other hair removal methods (threading, waxing etc.) but I'd say my skin is on the mid-mark for sensitivity and I must say there was no redness or irritation on my skin, personally. Fuss-free selfies from me from now on!

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows

Finishing Touch Flawless Face

Jun 24, 2020

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