he hip and healthy lifestyle are on the rise and we have gift ideas for the green goddess in your life.  This gift guide is for the people in your life who take care of their mind, body, skin, and the world.  Everything is Zen worthy and sustainable.

SKINIRVANA Pure Bliss Beauty Oils

SKINIRVANA Pure Bliss Beauty Oils

SKINIRVANA is an all-in-one multi-purpose face oil to be used on the whole family, and through different life stages. The combination of supercharged natural ingredients eliminates the need for an additional moisturiser‚Äď this product repairs and hydrates in one step.

The key to face oils and essential oils are the smell and ingredients. The SKINIRVANA Pure Bliss Delicate formula works in harmony with your skin and psyche to enhance the complexion with notes of Geranium, Lavender and Neroli. This luxurious beauty oil is safe for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers or those with sensitive or fragile skin. It is a home spa with tranquillity included.  

SKINIRVANA Pure Bliss Beauty Oils

SKINIRVANA Pure Bliss Delicate Beauty Oil should be used in place of your daily moisturiser for morning and evening application. Warm the oil in your hands and apply from neck to forehead, working upwards and outwards infirm, sweeping strokes. With the pads of your ring fingers, trace around the eye sockets both clockwise and anti-clockwise to treat the delicate eye area.

So Eco Makeup & Hair Brushes

So Eco Makeup & Hair Brushes

These brushes feel wonderful on the skin and hair. They are also a great gift for the green goddess and won't offend her, she or he will appreciate you took the effort to think what could they use in their life or career.  We used them on set with our contributing makeup artist and he loved them.  

So Eco combats the problems of excessive & plastic packaging that has inundated the media in recent years.   So Eco has been accredited by PETA for being Cruelty-Free & Vegan-Friendly.  The brand's unique emphasis on ensuring components are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced has resulted in So Eco being a truly eco cosmetics brand.

So Eco has a concise range of makeup brushes and kits, all being made from materials that have been sourced responsibly. The handcrafted handles are made using bamboo, the ferrules are made from recycled aluminium and the brush heads are crafted from cruelty-free Taklon bristles which are suitable for both liquid and powder cosmetics.

Delilah Cosmetics The Glow Collection

Delilah Cosmetics The Glow Collection Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know someone like us who likes to glow all year? Who also loves discovering new makeup brands, then say hello to Delilah Cosmetics The Glow Collection. If she is also looking for vegan makeup, then we know she will love this Gift Box Glow Collection Holiday Highlights. 

Paraben-Free | Dermatologically Tested | Vegan-Friendly

Delilah Cosmetics The Glow Collection

The Glow Collection includes travel-size versions of Pure Light Illuminating Powder in Aura and Liquid Radiance in Lunar, with a Bespoke Powder Brush.

The complete collection is wrapped in and a stunning presentation box making it a perfect gift for the holiday season, or why not treat yourself or your girlfriend!

Delilah Cosmetics The Glow Collection

We love the products and have tested it on our team's skin, who all have different complections. It gave us all the right amount of glow, so you don't look like you fell in a tub of glitter. Just dab a little here and there and blend with the luxuries brush that comes along with the products. 

1001 REMEDIES Natures Wellbeing Gift Box


THE 1001 REMEDIES purifying spray has also made it on our Gift Ideas for Home Decor & Holiday House Warming, so we had to spread more of the love to our green goddess too.  Relaxing and Detox are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Stress can be a major factor in impairing our wellness and addressing it on several fronts will help restore wellbeing by tackling it holistically.


From the quality of the air you breathe to your skin and sleep, 1001 REMEDIES  have thought of it all in their Natures Wellbeing Gift Box. Nature is powerful, let it help you on your wellbeing journey. Whether you are gifting it to someone else or yourself, it makes for a perfect package.  



The first signs of stress lie on your skin but let keep that cortisol at bay with Magic skin all-natural, responsibly sourced, cruelty-free skin detox gel that treats skin imperfections.  From psoriasis to blackheads, pimples, acne scars and spots, Magic Skin will help your skin get back that natural and healthy dewy glow. Based on 14 essential oils, such as Myrrh, Tea Tree and Cistus, the natural plant extracts in Magic Skin deliver antibacterial, antiviral and powerful healing properties to your skin.


1001 REMEDIES Natures Wellbeing Gift Box

Do you know someone that stress impacts their sleep? Do you have trouble relaxing and are kept up during the night by your thoughts racing? Get a good nights sleep without taking sleeping tablets with this organic Good Night Balm.  This 100% natural and organic sleeping balm - Good Night is for you or the person in your life who cannot chill out.


I feel like I have the same conversation about how important water is to drink daily.  If you are trying to get your friends and family to drink more water like you then maybe a colourful Canteen might push them to grab water instead of a fizzy drink.


Fuelled by innovative design and social responsibility, Corkcicle Canteens (from £25) are a style statement as much as they are a hydration vessel.  Ergonomically designed with signature flat sides for easy grip, a non-slip silicone bottom and a threaded screw top that prevents leakage, they make the perfect gym companion.

Water bottles have replaced and tote bags and I am glad. ¬†The Corkcicle Canteenmodern water bottle is available in an array of sizes and trend-inspired colours. Plus, it keeps drinks ice cold for 25 hours or warm for 12. Available in four sizes including 25oz, which holds an entire bottle of wine, and our larger-than-life 60oz ‚ÄĒ perfect for sharing sangria, margaritas and other beverages.

The Tea Makers Of London 

The Tea Makers Of London

The Teamakers of London who creates a stunning blend of stunning teas including the Finest Japanese Sencha Green Tea.  The tea works best with filtered water and once made is a stunning and vibrant yellow/green.  It tastes, sweet and grassy and is very popular in Japan.

High in Vitamin C, it is a great tea for the winter and helps boost your immunity. The Finest Japanese Sencha Green Tea is available in different sizes, prices start from just £4.50 from The Tea Makers of London.

ZeroWater is the only water filter that removes 99.6% of dissolved solids in tap water; the equivalent of purified bottled water. A perfect pair for the next cupa check out our Gift Ideas for Home Decor & Holiday House Warming to have a healthy cup of tea.

BEE Y√ú Personalized Gift Set

BEE Y√ú Personalized Gift Set

BEE YÜ skincare range had me when the mentioned one of their key elements in the line. Which is Manuka honey, if you know me do not mess with my Manuka Honey. Dedicated believer in the element honey for good health. Even though I work hard to live a plant-based life, I am a firm believer in the importance of bees and honey. 

After reviewing products from the Natural Skincare line from New Zealand BEE YÜ. I have come up with a personalized gift basket of critical products. The natural skincare brand celebrates the awesome regenerative powers of UMF20+ Manuka honey, ethically sourced bee venom and precious New Zealand botanicals. 


BEE Y√ú Personalized Gift Set

They use New Zealand botanicals and blend them into their rich and creamy formulas. Which help your skin to glow from within, including cape chestnut and pohutakawa, harakeke and totara extracts ‚ÄĒ all the ingredients you need for a healthy beauty routine.¬†

Start your Manuka honey skin routine with the BEE YÜ FIRMING + REGENERATING FACE MASQUE. You will not need to use the masque more than once a week. I usually use the masque right before my cycle begins. It helps prevent minor breaks before they pop up on your face. 

BEE Y√ú Gift Set

Rejuvenate your skin with our 3-in-1 bee venom face mask. This stimulating natural face mask contains active ingredients to help resurface the skin, including ethically sourced bee venom, 100% pure Manuka honey, clover flower extract and Swertia chirata extract.

BEE Y√ú Personalized Gift Set

bee y√ľ Firming & Regenerating Face Masque¬†provides superior deep cleansing to deliver a healthy, radiant appearance and contains high rated 20+ UMF¬ģ¬†Manuka honey. Please note you may experience some tingling and redness when you use this mask, this is your skin‚Äôs natural response to the bee venom contained in the product. Any redness will quickly fade, leaving plump and healthy-looking skin.¬†

The tingling is the part I like. It feels as if you are exercising your face without breaking a sweat. Which is a skincare tip, to use your for the face to get the collagen moving? 


I suggest adding to the gift basket the¬†BEE Y√ú ULTRA-HYDRATING DAY CR√ČME, and it gives your skin a healthy glow. With this 100% natural hydrating day cream. The golden jar is packed with Manuka honey, bee venom and royal jelly. The cream‚Äôs rich texture is suitable for all skin types, is easily absorbed into the skin and is an excellent base for makeup. You do not need to add a primer after.¬†

BEE Y√ú Personalized Gift Set

Now add the¬†BEE Y√ú INTENSIVE NIGHT CR√ČME, and you have a hip and healthy beauty skincare routine. You can nourish your skin while you sleep with this highly potent intensive night cream. The antibacterial properties of 100% pure New Zealand Manuka honey combined with powerful anti-oxidants prickly pear seed oil and goji seed oil, both packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. A natural antimicrobial, the power of honey to stimulate wound healing and promote healthy skin.¬†


The creamy texture of this cream absorbs quickly without clogging pores and helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, deeply hydrating dry skin and evening out skin tone. Both creams feel like silk on the face. Your face soaks up all the goodness, even though it might tingle a little, it is exercising your face to a healthy glow. Now go on Green Goddess. 

Seed Daily Synbiotic for Females

Seed - Welcome Kit   Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

Our first gift idea is the Seed - Welcome Kit  If you are like our editor Charlotte she attempts to live a healthy lifestyle and sometimes like her we need a little help to keep things regular.  Seed is here to help. Seed's flagship Daily Synbiotic, a prebiotic + probiotic formulation, was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health, including cardiovascular, dermatological, immune, metabolic, and reproductive health.  She never forgets to take her daily Seed.

Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle Seed

Seed’s Sustainable Refill System protects the Daily Synbiotic while being gentler on our Earth.  The first month’s Welcome Kit includes a glass jar and complimentary travel vial shipped in a compostable mycelium (mushroom-grown) tray. Each subsequent monthly or quarterly refill is shipped in a compostable oxygen and moisture protection bio-based pouch, which is further protected by a compostable and dissolvable corn foam insulator

Priced £40 for a 30-day subscription. Available online at https://seed.com

Tisserand Aromatherapy National Geographic Travel Kit & Essential Oils Roller Balls

Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle Tisserand Aromatherapy

One of my friends has turned me on to Pure Essential oils and when I need to take a breath and relax I roll one on.  With names like Paradise, Explore and Retreat there is one rollerball for every mood. I normally stash one in my makeup bag, draw at work and my travel bag.

For the planet-friendly beauty lover

If your loved-ones are obsessed with beauty with strong eco-credentials, look no further than Tisserand Aromatherapy and National Geographic.  Made with 100% natural pure essential oils, these new aromatherapy blends aim to combat the symptoms of life’s everyday stresses by transporting the mind to dream-like destinations.

Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle Tisserand Aromatherapy

Tying in with National Geographic’s strong focus on sustainably sourced products, the line uses 100% PCR plastic bottles and fully recyclable packaging. The collection is inspired by the natural world and will see the products packaged in reusable washbags, recycled and recyclable bottles and FSC cardboard. 

Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess

The Retreat Travel Kit includes a travel-sized bath oil, mood mist and a rollerball in the Retreat blend containing Vetiver, Frankincense and Neroli 100% natural pure essential oils. The Retreat blend has a sweet, smoky aroma to ground and inspire tranquillity.

Housed in their reusable vegan cosmetic bag. This collection of travel-sized treats will help you to escape life’s turbulence on the go. In partnership with National Geographic, this range celebrates the positive impact exploring has on our wellbeing while contributing to a happy planet with recycled and recyclable packaging.

Colgate Bambo & Charcoal Toothbrushes

I for one take care of my teeth. No bad breath ever and  I want to be able to chew my food when I am old.   The Colgate Bambo & Charcoal Toothbrushes a great product for the conscious consumer who wants to make a small change but doesn’t know where to start. It’s an easy sustainable swap!

Colgate Bambo & Charcoal Toothbrush Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

The new Colgate¬ģ Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush. The handle is made with 100% natural, biodegradable bamboo and is free from plastic packaging, so it's a great choice for environmentally conscious shoppers.

Charcoal Toothbrushes

The brush features tapered slim-tip bristles infused with Binchotan charcoal which get to those hard-to-reach places whilst gently cleaning the gums.

The stylish design of the brush has etched on the handle, acting as a thumb grip, and is coated in natural beeswax to prevent the bamboo from getting water damaged in the bathroom. ¬†The new Colgate¬ģ Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush is now available from¬†ASDA¬†and¬†Waitrose.

Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle Beverly HIlls Formula toothpaste.

Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste

We have made our own gift set based on inspiration for my stepmom who always but a new toothbrush and toothpaste in the stocking for us.  It was a tradition she picked up living on the Native American Reservation always give people the essentials they need. The brand is the only Irish brand providing premium quality oral care ... their range of whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes and oral care products, really work after a month of use you can see the results in your smile.

Formula Toothpaste

The newest additions to the Beverly Hills Formula are the perfect gift to start the new year with sparkling teeth. The Professional White Advanced Silver and Black Pearl Whitening Toothpaste use activated charcoal, black pearl and silver ingredients to provide effective stain removal and superior whitening results! They are exclusively available at boots.com for £10.00.

LBB NEW luxury, travel-friendly, natural, clean beauty brand

LBB NEW luxury, travel-friendly, natural, clean beauty brand

We travel a lot, and on our E.I.C. last trip to Paris, we fought the customs agent not to take these lovely items from us. After a flight or a long haul trip, these products giver you skin the relief it needs.

LBB NEW luxury, travel-friendly, natural, clean beauty brand

With a face wipe the get the grit and make off your face. You feel so fresh and so clean after a few wipes. It can be used on your face and your entire body, which is excellent if your flight gets cancelled and you have to sleep in the airport.

LBB NEW luxury, travel-friendly, natural, clean beauty brand

Stay tuned.  We will be adding gift ideas until Santa Comes with green cookies.  If you have tried any of this product we would love to hear what you think of our recommendations.  Happy Holiday's.

The LBB¬†trio capsule collection -¬†A Game¬†which is an ultra-hydrating multi-tasking stick balm. Take Off Touch Down¬†‚Äď a premium XL biodegradable face wipe infused with a pre-biotic complex and¬†Flight Mode. ¬† A calming roll-on aromatherapy signature blend.


Please check out their website here: https://www.lbbskin.com/

 Olverum Body Oil

Olverum Body Oil

For this green goddess, the winter is all about the body oils my skin soaks it up in minutes.  I also like body oil in the summer to get the summer glow.  I love the glow and moisture repair oils give.  The Olverum Body Oil smells incredible good too.  The Body Oil is packed with collagen-boosting Alaraia esculenta and antioxidant-rich raspberry seed oil, and perfect for thirsty autumnal/winter skins.

Olverum Body Oil

Originally launched in Germany in 1931 (and recently enjoying a sprauncy makeover for the 21st Century). ¬†This bath oil is a blend of incredibly therapeutic oils ‚Äď originally formulated in Germany. ¬† Which is especially wonderful in winter, with its invigorating blend of outdoorsy Siberian fir needle, lemon, rosemary, juniper, geranium, lavender and more.

This Works Sleep On It Tree Decoration Bodycare Gift Set

This Works Sleep On It Tree Decoration Bodycare Gift Set Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

I have been a fan of these products for a while.  I always have items in my make up back when travelling.   It helps on those nights when you cannot get your brain to turn off.  It also looks cute on the tree so Santa can get some rest too. This mini first aid kit for sleep is the natural way to restore normal slumber patterns.

Deep sleep pillow spray is proven to aid a better night’s sleep.  Thanks to a powerful aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert essential oils. Sleep plus pillow spray, with its intelligent micro-encapsulation technology.  It is a potent remedy for restless sleepers. Stress check roll-on releases tension built up throughout the day.   It contains Eucalyptus to invigorate and help counter fatigue. Frankincense to aid physical and mental relaxation and sleep-inducing Lavender.

Tree Decoration Bodycare Gift Set

Set Contains:

  • Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, 5ml
  • Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 5ml
  • Stress Check Roll-On, 5ml

Welda Rosemary Bath Milk

Rosemary Bath Milk Gift Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

This Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess loves the Welda Rosemary Bath Milk.  It is for those days when you want to close the door and relax.  If you suffer from sensitive or eczema then put a little drop in the baht and take a long soak.

Grown on the sun-soaked hillsides of Valencia in Spain, it is no wonder that rosemary stimulates and invigorates the senses so effectively. Give the gift of some 'me' time this season. Perfect for a foot bath after a long day of Christmas shopping.

Rosemary Bath Milk

The lively scent of rosemary essential oil carries the gift of energy, charged with rays of Mediterranean sun-soaked up by the hardy, vigorous plant. Choose this bath for the lift and buzz it gives to a tired body, whether starting the day or to refresh from hard physical work

Stimulating, invigorating drives away fatigue. Dermatologically tested and free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils.

Westlab’s PEACE Bathing Salts


The Westlab Peace espson bathing salts with Frankincense, Myrrh and Clementine is soothing and calming.  It is a sensitive skin person perfect gift.  Use it after a long day you just want to rest and take care of your skin.

Epsom and Dead Sea Salts with Frankincense, Myrhh & Clementine.  Stay calm during the festive season.  100% Natural, Vegan-Friendly.  Instil peace and serenity as part of your self-care this Christmas. 100% Pure Epsom and Dead Sea Salts with ancient essential oils of Frankincense, Myrhh & Clementine.


These products are what your skin needs this winter.  They fell like a glove when you rub them on your skin. Dr Jackson’s, a sustainable, science-led cosmetics company that creates natural skincare products and organic herbal teas.


They believe in the beauty that is clean, safe and, most importantly, effective. Their products combine meticulous research.   With the finest ingredients, nature has to offer and are developed for all genders and all skin types.

Dr Simon Jackson was fascinated by the power of nature from a young age. He spent over two decades studying indigenous plants and their uses in traditional medicines. ¬†They always use natural ingredients, sustainably harvested in collaboration with rural communities worldwide ‚Äď nothing rare or endangered.

Dr Jackson’s  CHRISTMAS GIFT SETS Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

What I really like about the products is that you only need small amounts.  The creams have a spatula so you can measure the dosage.  The night creams also in hance a good nights sleep.  The products also feel like products my grandmother would use too.

We won't sleep until Santa comes, so stay tuned for more Green Goddess gift ideas until the 24th.

Nov 29, 2019

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