Talk about addiction, violence, body shapes and mental health is always a arduous subject. But if we had a way to talk about it without any judgement would we do it?

If in this world we do not take into account the image that we refer to others, would it be more beneficial, to return a positive image of ourselves? Everyone on this earth has anxieties and struggles, we have to deal with ourselves.

By their mental strength, inspirant and powerful women such as Frida Kahlo or Rosa Parks, they show us the path to follow our instinct and intuition.

So now is the time to stand up and to don't have shame of anything from ourself.

So thats why today I want draw attention on the international model Adwoa Aboah, who join the circle of inspirational women by the realisation of her podcast.

Where women listen, share and talk freely about their own experience in life.

Adwoa Aboah is a stunning succesful model, through her carrer she break the rules in the fashion industry. She shaves her head and reveals her hidden side by taking control of her physical identity.

"I think it's really scary being told that you need to look a particular way, or fit into a particular box, so, for me, it's really important that we're advocating being yourself and doing your own thing"

In 2017 she is designated the model of the year by British Fashion Council and she was on the cover of British Vogue.

Adwoah Aboah does not stop at being a successful model, she has specific goal. May each person be able to express themselves freely on all subjects related to different cases such as mental health, body shapes, social media etc..

In 2015, she created the Instagram group Gurls Talk, it was the start of a long movement of sharing where each person talks about their life experiences.

Through this page, she shares several emotions which conceive a part of art, self-acceptance, and a positive message.

She realizes various festivals and representations in the cities of London, Varsovie, Los Angeles and Accra where she provokes the assembly of multiple women to speak about the causes which she defends.

Thanks to her commitment and perseverance Gurls Talk getting bigger and developing.

In 2018 her first podcast is released with the famous singer Jorja Smith, where they talk about self-acceptance and simply about life.

During her podcast we find Adwoa Aboah with different talented women where they share their life experiences. Each podcast has a targeted topic that they discuss together afterwards. Around her podcast she also shares a selection of poems which allows different artists to make their voices heard.

Adwoah Aboah sees further in her vision and in 2019, she collaborates with Nike for the production of a documentary entitled "Spit Fire".

In this broadcast, we see the experience of 6 teenagers girls passionate about football in different countries (France, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Turkey).

During this documentary, each teenager speaks with an open heart and shows the good things this sport brings to their mind.

Through all of her actions I see that Adwoa Aboah is an anchored activist who wants to share and make voices heard all around the world.

It's a sharing that is accomplished by many, the more people will talk about inequalities, violence, mental health problems, the more generations that will come to past, will have the chance to flourish.      

We have the key, is up to us to use it.

Come join us on GURLS TALK.

Its all about talk, listen and share.
"La vie est faites de choix et les choix font la vie"
May 17, 2020

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