One thing Club Quartine has taught me is I am glad I made the lifestyle change to live a more healthy lifestyle. Water and healthy snacks are what I will be brought to the next Club Quartine party and to the anticipated small gatherings to come. I want to share my healthy snacking treats that are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Club Quartine Party Favours

Healthy Snacks and Drinks for Your Next Club Quartine Party

Healthy Snacks and Drinks for Your Next Club Quartine Party



My drink of chose is water, and I am French too, so I love sparkling water. DASH Water is the fizzy spring water when I have to grab a drink that is not- alcoholic but infused with raspberries, lemons, or blackcurrants. Now they are delivering, and we welcome a case for the next month.


DASH Water

You can receive their Dash delivery daily, weekly or monthly - they have the option of any quantity of flavours and pack format they would like. All subscribe and save customers also get an automatic 10% every order, and they can enjoy free next day postage. Customers' account page also enables them to change, pause or cancel their subscription whenever they would like!

The existing four flavours can collection consists of; Blackcurrant, Cucumber, Lemon and Raspberry, all infused naturally with a 'dash' of flavour. Dash Water is free from sugar, sweeteners and zero calories, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional soft drinks. Something to dance to at the next party.

To subscribe & save visit available in 330ml cans - RRP £1.29.

Lizi's Summer Fruit Trifle with a Gut-Friendly Twist!

Healthy Snacks and Drinks for Your Next Club Quartine Party

At this point, what haven't I put Lizi's in?  We have turned it into a trail mix, eaten as a cereal, a now Lizi's Summer Fruit Trifle with a Gut-Friendly Twist! GUT-FRIENDLY SUMMER FRUIT TRIFLE.


A fruit trifle is the perfect summer dish, and this version is excellent for your gut too. Packed full of fibre, this vegan trifle uses chia seeds (a nutritional powerhouse which is rich in omega-3 fats), summer fruits, coconut cream and Lizi's Digestive Health Granola which is full of good gut bacteria.


5 tbsp of chia seeds

300ml of water

4 kiwis, peeled and sliced

5 heaped tbsp of dairy-free yoghurt

75g of raspberries

150g of strawberries

250ml coconut cream*

A handful of blueberries

175g of Lizi's Digestive Health Granola



1. Add the chia seeds to a mixing bowl and stir in 300ml of water (if you're making this dish bigger or smaller, always stick to a ratio of 1:6 when it comes to chia seeds and water). Put the dish to one side to soak.

2. After ten minutes, the chia seeds will have absorbed the water to form a gel-like consistency (if the mixture is still a little dry, continue to add more water slowly).

3. Stir in 2 tablespoons of your coconut cream to your chia seeds. This will form the base of the trifle.

4. Pour chia seed mix into the base of the dish.

5. Slice your kiwis and layer over the chia seed mix.

6. Pour dairy-free yoghurt over the kiwi layer until covered.

7. Sprinkle over your raspberries and half of the Lizi's Digestive Health Granola

8. Spoon over your coconut cream to form the final layer of this trifle.

9. Garnish this layer with strawberries, granola and blueberries.

Cooking With YaconViva

Yacon Viva is another ingredient that has become stable in the house when looking or healthy alternatives to sweet treats. We have made pancakes, brownies and cookies with Yacon Viva. YaconViva has launched brand new Cacao Nibs, a naturally delicious snack to keep your energy levels up whatever your day holds! They also have a Yacon Syrup that is great to spread over pancakes or use as sweeteners for baked goods. 

Sweetened with Yacon Syrup, YaconViva Cacao Nibs are the perfect vegan, keto and paleo-friendly snack, especially for those with a sweet tooth!

Healthy Snacks and Drinks for Your Next Club Quartine Party


The nibs are packed full of antioxidants due to their low processing, which acts as brain food, promoting strong cognitive performance! They also contain natural caffeine, which is known to slow ageing and fight stress as well as improving alertness.


Available now from Amazon UK, and all good health stores. RRP £9.99 for a 300g pack.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks for Your Next Club Quartine Party

We added them to our Oat & Cranberry Bar Mix,  Brownies and our chocolate cookies. Super Food Bakery and Creative Nature make dairy-free, gluten-free, and Vegan-friendly mixes if you cannot find the right ingredients.


All these recipes are easy and if you are living a dairy-free life then grab a DASH water and your favorite new healthy treat ready for summer. Follow us on Instagram for more recipes and healthy lifestyle choices.


May 19, 2020

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