In times like this, I always revert to the zombie apocalypse and would I put in my backpack if I had to run. Now the Hey Girls period panties are items I have waited all my life for! I wish I had these when I first started menstruating; now I cannot wait until my next period.  Something that I never thought I would say.

Introducing Hey Girls

Hey Girls| How to Help Period Poverty & Never Have a Period Accident Again

Whenever I see women who live on the street, I wonder how do they deal with their periods?  In the new normal error when toilet paper has run out, what would we women do if we could not get pads and tampons?  

We should buy Hey Girls period panties because we can help the planet and a sister in need all in one.  And never have to send our boyfriends to the store for sanitary napkins again, because we have clean reusable ones at home. So whey not support and share the love when we women need it the most.

Mat Goff, CEO says: “Period poverty is a degrading inequality which sees girls right here in the UK left to improvise.  When we met Celia and the team at Hey Girls we knew we wanted to get involved and help shine a light on their social enterprise approach to ending period poverty in the UK.”

Period Proof Life

I have been using the washable period pants for a month now, and I will never go back to rebuying sanitary napkins.  I am okay with it because I like to flow and not a fan of tampons. I have to admit when I first started wearing the panties, I was like is this going to work.

Then I had an OMG moment when my monthly cycle felt like a typical day.  I hated my period before because pads never stayed on. The week of uncomfortable panties situations were over. I would have never imagined a period panty and reusable night pads would get me from my heavy flow days to my light ones.  Then all I had to do was pop them in the machine and voila clean and smelling good for next month. 

The Benefits

  • A social enterprise, Hey Girls, have created a range of smooth and stylish period-proof pants made from organic bamboo
  •  Hey Girls donates a pair of pants to someone in need in the UK for every one sold
  • The sustainable period product can last up to 5 years
  • Hey Girls believes nobody should feel ashamed of their period, this also applies to the underwear you wear

About Hey Girls

Founded by Celia Hodson in 2018 and her two daughters around her kitchen table, the social enterprise is on a mission to eradicate Period Poverty. It has grown to a team of 15+, packing the product in house by mums transitioning back into work and supported by a strong female workforce. Hey, Girls is a crucial partner in the Scottish Government’s initiative to provide free sanitary products to pupils and students in schools, colleges and universities across Scotland. They also partner with Fareshare who distribute their products to women across Scotland via food banks, women’s shelters and community centres.

I have totally become a fan of reusable period panties and pads.  I am delighted to never have to buy then again.  Now I am ready for the zombie apocalypse if it happens, so I can run with the period reinforcements that I can share with my sisters. 

Hey Girls Period Pants are available to buy from, prices start at £14.95

May 2, 2020

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