Travis Scott has had a busy 2020. From his incredible fortnite concert, which was viewed by more than 12 million people; to his recent McDonald's collaboration and supporting Travis Scott merchandise; it’s safe to say he’s having a good year so far. And just a few days ago, he made the cover image of The Face Magazine, where he gave an in-depth interview about the Black Lives Matter movement, his family and his love of dogs and musicals.

As such, it feels right that this Homme Boy Style article is dedicated to Travis Scott. 

For those who don’t know who Travis Scot is, he is an american rapper,songwriter and record producer. He has released 3 albums, the most recent of which was widely acclaimed and nominated for a Grammy. He takes inspiration from a wide variety of musicians, and has publicly stated he is influenced by the likes of Bon Iver, Kanye West, Tame Impala and Thom Yorke.

Travel Smart

Whilst the majority of people haven’t been able to travel abroad due to the covid restrictions and ever changing quarantine lists; there have still been those that have made journeys across the seas to have a summer holiday. And given that the rules insist that flyers wear a mask on the plane, it’s never been more important to dress comfortably on-board.

For me, unless the flight is short (less than 1.5 hours), I’ll never wear jeans, or anything else that could be quite restricting. My go to is either a pair of lounge shorts, or joggers with a pair of trainers. Style with a tee and a jacket or jumper in case you know you get cold; bring your headphones and plug into whatever Netflix or Spotify playlist you’re currently bingeing to.

I recommend this sweatshirt and joggers from River Island, for a simple yet stylish look that may even get you that elusive free upgrade.

River Island washed stone tracksuit

High Fashion

Fashion week may be changing and staying online vs in person, but fashion is back. Brands are producing and making shows; and making an effort to attract consumers directly to them, rather than using wholesales and department stores.

I love these trousers from Stella McCartney, and I recommend styling them with a neutral toned jumper like this one, a leather jacket and pair of loafers for a low-key high fashion look.

Gavin Bi-Colour, £675 @ Stella McCartney


Rappers and street-wear go hand in hand like salt and pepper. Here at StyleCartel, we’re a huge fan of street-wear, and I’ve covered it a lot in my previous Homme Boy Style segments. So for his one, I’m going to focus on an underrated element of street-wear, which is the jewellery aspect. This can include all sorts, including chains, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Chains are more common for rappers, but necklaces are a lot more common and can include a variety of pendants and more widely available in fashion than chains. Popular brands who stock good quality jewellery include Vivienne Westwood, Serge De Nimes, Gucci and The Great Frog.

Tiny Orb Necklace, £125 @ Vivienne Westwood
Sep 16, 2020

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