body odour is present in every human or animal. However, our olfactory nerves play a pivotal role in enhancing our senses. We all have heard leaving the impression analogy, which is so true in the case of perfumes.

It becomes an identity, either a pleasant or an unlikable one. Some people judge others by the way they smell or the type of perfume they wear. According to recent studies, scents affect your moods a lot. Some fragrances merely don’t just change their feelings but also enhance the persons’ attitude and behaviour. When a cologne combines with different body odours, it produces a unique aroma, which is unusual for every person, that’s why it is essential to choose your perfume wisely and select what suits you.

It is an essential aesthetic of your personality, but it isn’t necessary to wear expensive perfumes every day. Who doesn’t love flowery fragrances, but it is not possible to make your own perfume, in the kitchen or lab, hence you will have to visit a retailer to buy a bottle of your taste and needs.

Although it sounds fun to create your cologne by mixing different fragrances, yet there are perfumes of every price range available. Let’s take a look at some pointers which show how scents affect your mood:


A night with your partner at the beach and a perfect dinner with flowers. Perfumes and chocolates play the part of the sidelines in your romantic evening. Scents have the power to change and enhance your mood, evoke memories, and takes you to a beautiful ride of thoughts and feelings. Jasmine, gardenia, Mongolia scents strengthen the sensation of pleasure. There is a wide range of seductive perfumes which improve your sex life in terms of comfort and happiness.

Aroma Therapy:

The aromatherapy is a type of meditation that comes from the scent of plant extracts to promote our overall well being. The aroma indeed keeps people in a good mood. One of the main benefits of wearing perfume is it enhances mood. Aromatherapy improves sleep quality, treat headaches, soothe joints, and reduce stress and anxiety. After aromatherapy, you always experience a refreshed attitude.

Makes a moment last:

The fragrance creates a few memories, either good or bad. Many people associate other people with events and memories with smells. Perfume triggers some useful memories that can be of someone or something, and then this memory directly affects the mood. Some may feel ecstatic, or some may even feel nostalgic.

Fragrance at work:

A bad or pungent odour from your colleague or unhealthy hygiene of co-workers is a major turn-off for the day. A person must wear perfume according to their profession and status. For example:

1. Doctors: They have the toughest job. But wearing something strong or too floral or any smell which causes headaches is a big no-no. Most hospitals have banned wearing perfume. But a very light scent will cause no harm to you.

2. Businessman/woman: When doing business, a person is representing their whole company. The reputation of the company is in the hands of that one person. So the fragrance should be a head-turner for everyone. They should wear perfume with a long-lasting and attractive smell yet light enough to not cause headaches and allergies.

3. Teacher: A teacher has the most significant responsibility to cater. One of them is to influence students and have a positive impact on their life. According to studies, some scents have proven to increase productivity, which includes fragrances such as Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Orange, and Citrus.

Fragrance Psychology:

Some studies have approved that the smells and fragrances directly affect consumer behaviour. We all must have experienced different experiences of perfumes and fragrance while we visit some clothing stores, bakeries, grocery stores, gift shops. A lot of brands are following this fragrance of human behaviour to attract and retain their customers. The use specifically those room fresheners, which triggers your moods positively and tempts you to shop more. And as a consumer, we also associate those fragrances with our experience of visiting any store or even restaurants.

Events Association:

A floral smell reminds us of either weddings or funerals, but not all fragrance triggers your good memories but also the worst ones. Wearing a strong perfume on the wedding day enlightens your mood, but it’s a big no to the funerals. Well, a lovely strong fragrance is suitable for attending weddings. But not too much because you don’t know if a person could be allergic to a particular smell. But a delicate scent won’t cause any harm and will surely enhance your personality.

The fragrances preference also varies with the timings and seasons as per availability in the market — for instance, some worn during the day time and some during the evenings. On lunches or brunches, fruity or citrus smells are great. A light scent will always be so soothing, and sometimes strong scents that too on lunch is a mistake you should avoid because strong odors can cause headaches and affect others’ moods.

Perfumes and Weathers:

Smelling good is essential. A person should wear an exquisite smell which is not too much. It should be subtle. In every season or weather, one should take care of their fellow beings and wear perfumes accordingly. One of the best types of fragrances are made of wood extracts and are subtle and beautiful. They are soothing and calming and don’t cause allergies and make everyone feel great.


There is no one-size-fits-all scent, which can be worn by anyone or everyone. However, we do know that it does create an impression and affects your moods. It is necessary to carry cologne according to demanding professions but it also varies upon formal or informal occasions. Every occasion requires a unique attire, and surely perfume adds to your hygiene and contour. So follow the above-mentioned tips and you will quickly leave a positive impact on others and leave a signature style for people to be fond of you.


Jan 24, 2020

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