How often did you find you child drawing their art on walls, furniture or their clothes? Well, Matylda loves expressing herself in this way especially on her clothes. Of course one would say, that its not a big deal but when you have to wash it off...that's completely different story.  But what if there were clothes or even shoes that were made especially for those creative little monsters? How happy your child you'd be, if there could freely express their artistic soul, and get an applause for it! Mythical Canvas thought about our little artists and created blank plimsolls so your kids can wear their art and present it to the world. We love this idea!

Kids can use their imagination to create vibrant, colourful designs on blank canvas plimsolls with the range of fantastic Fabric Pens. Mythical Canvas aim to encourage kids to realise that there are 'no mistakes in art', helping boost confidence and aid their development as they grow so they can pursue their dreams. So artists, draw away, switch straps and have fun!

I believe that kids have some of the most creative minds and are the future to our society. Fear of making mistakes can hold us back from going for and achieving our dreams, so it is important to promote the belief that mistakes are great and are key to learning. It is fantastic to watch kids create their reality in such a creative way. Well done Mythical Canvas!


Mar 1, 2020

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