Now that working from home is the new normal, I have learned more tricks on how to do my hair. The No.1 Chopstick Styler Made Doing My Hair Fun on Lockdown. I smiled while learning how to use the wand since we had nowhere to rush to I could watch how-to videos and practice how to twirl the wand. LOL 

The No.1 Chopstick Styler

It took me a few days to learn how to twirl the Chopstick Styler, but finally, my hair started looking cute. Wish I had a date to go on after because the hair was big and bouncy like my personality.  Even along the way, I burnt myself, but they luckily looked like love bites. Girls just want to have fun right. 

I suck at doing my hair, so when a tool makes my life easier and fun, I enjoy the process. After watching how-to videos, I put on the glove and started wrapping the wand around my hair. Then the bouncy curls began to grow. 

Hair Goals with the Chopstick Styler

What I learned is watch the direction you swirl, or you might burn yourself. Other than that doing my hair with Chopstick Styler was quite sexy. I wish we could use it without the heat cause I would use it every day. Yet, because the styler is very hot, you cannot. I have to pin curl my hair every not, but the best part is the curls keep getting bigger! Which I love. 


The Chopstick™ style is guaranteed to last up to 3 – 5 days no matter what your hair type. And it does. No hairspray is needed with your stylers and the best part is you can curl your hair on freshly washed hair. So turn up your hair volume and create a raucous!

How to Style


After a lengthy, scientific research process they discovered that rectangular shaped barrels hold the hydrogen bonds in your hair better than round curling wands thus rapidly reducing curl drop-rate. This is why all of their Chopstick Styler™ barrels are rectangular. Don’t worry your curls won’t look rectangular in fact, they will look more natural than ever. All of the signature stylers are all completely in your control with variable heat settings.

I would love to get some tips from you.  If you have used the styler leave a comment below and let us know your tricks.  Go to our Instagram and tag us with your Chopstick Styler looks so maybe I can get the look from you. 

May 6, 2020

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