Pregnancy is such a blessing for many women, especially for those who planned to become mums for a long time. Of course all the stress related to lockdown is absolutely not ideal for mums to be, but you still have to make sure that you look after your body the best possible way. Below we put together a few simple tips to help you survive the lockdown and feel joyous in the blessed state you are.



Sounds very obvious, doesn't it? But in practice, no matter how healthily we eat, we are unable to provide to our bodies the right amount of nutrients, especially when pregnant. That's when your body needs even more of right vitamins and minerals. Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus is an advanced vitamin supplement to help safeguard dietary requirements from pre-conception, during pregnancy and through to the end of breast-feeding. ┬áPregnacare Plus, part of the UKÔÇÖs number 1 pregnancy supplement range, combines the original Pregnacare tablet with a unique omega-3 DHA capsule to provide even greater support.

Drinking Water

Another seemingly obvious, yet very often forgotten rule - drink plenty of water. Doctors advise to drink up to 3 litres of water while pregnant. But it is so important to mention, that British water is only reasonable healthy to drink in a few regions of the country. In London and other large in particular quality of water is below standard. That's why it is vital to invest in good water filter. The one that we found the most effective is ZeroWater Filter. They are the only water filter brand that delivers the quality of purified bottled water into your home. Toxins and solids are removed through a unique pour-through system, which delivers the best filtration possible with five-stage ion exchange technology. The filter removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS), something that no other filter jug or dispenser can do.



It is fairly obvious that any form of exercise is healthy for pregnant or non pregnant body. Of cource it is vital to have a green light from your midwife to do any form of activity when you are in the blessed state. However when I was mummy to be, I fell in love with yoga. It healed all my back pains. Yoga also helps with stress and tension release, especially when you get anxious about giving birth. My favourite clothes to practice yoga must be loose and comfy. Just like ASOS Maternity lounge sweat & jogger set. Perfect for exercise as well as enjoying a lazy day in when you need it.

Jun 21, 2020

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