Have you ladies tried shampoo bars?  I only heard of them within the past year, although they have been around for centuries.  These are essentially soap bars for your hair and are an excellent way to cut down the use of plastic and support healthy, clean hair.  I love that the only waste is the paper it’s wrapped in (preferably hemp) and I’m not stuck having to clean out a plastic bottle and recycling it (does it really get recycled?) when there’s no more product.  Shampoo bars are easy, healthy and eco-friendly.

BIOVENE  Shampoo Bars


We tested the following shampoo bars:  BIOVENE’s Citrus Dream & Pink Heaven, and Beauty Kitchen’s Cinnamon Spice. These small bars, smaller than a regular bar of soap promise over 75 washes, lasting more than a couple of months.  At about £10 or less a bar, this is an easy addition to a beauty routine.  Bars are easy to use; rub them between your hands to work up a lather and take that lather to your doo.  These bars are all vegan and cruelty and sulfate-free! With less or no preservatives than conventional shampoo, shampoo bars have less of an impact on the environment, as they runoff into the drains contains fewer chemicals.

How to Use Shampoo Bars


The two BIOVENE bars have the same main ingredients, including Shea butter and beeswax (which could be controversial for some vegans).  Ingredients differ for scent purposes, which were both pleasant and not overwhelming.  Your hair will smell ~ Clean ~ with these, not perfumy or something else, but just sweet, basic clean, with a whisper of your own divine scent, which heavier shampoos tend to cover up.  Beauty Kitchen’s bar was also light and pleasant, and left minimal scent- very nice!  They lather up easy and work through tangles and knots.  My experience suggests a conditioning bar follow a shampoo bar wash, to soften and further condition hair.

Grateful for BIOVENE  Shampoo Bars

I was grateful for these as I had just used a popular, unnamed bar that left my hair sticky and heavy.  These bars provide a clean, easy wash, and what I love most, is they leave minimal scalp build up.  The bars are long-lasting (keep them on a well-draining soap dish), sustainable, earth and animal friendly and get the job done!  My hair is squeaky clean, light-feeling and fresh smelling.  They are all my hair needs!  It even feels slightly conditioned. There are conditioning bars out there also if your hair tends to be dry or you’d like to simply give it that extra boost.  For cleanliness, these are an excellent choice, at a basic price.  

Jul 8, 2020

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