We live in such a modern and technically advanced world. We travel to space, walk on the moon, create 3D reality. People are capable of doing so many more things than just a decade ago. And yet there is no real cure for infertility. Of course there is IVF, but even that method statistically gives around 50% chances of conceiving. Well that's not a lot. For families, who are desperate to have children of their own, medicine is very often helpless.

The society puts so much pressure on women by telling them how important it is to have children, and that they are the future of the world. Of course we know all that. But why, when you tell people, that after years of trying for a baby, you decide to try IVF, they look at you like you are an alien. Literally. Somehow, you suddenly feel inadequate. I personally was subject to comments, that perhaps I try too hard...that it is all in my head...that perhaps I put too much pressure on myself. It's awful to feel that on one hand people expect from you, that in certain age you get pregnant, and then when you admit that you struggle with infertility, they judge you.

I believe that those judgements are a sign of lack of knowledge, understanding or just simple acceptance. Sure, not everyone has to understand what women who struggle to conceive, feel, but why we cannot freely talk about IVF? t is such an important subject for those families, who really want to have children. Because it is not just women but their partners too, that really suffer. People go through a very emotional journey through hormonal injections, loads of medicines and medical appointments before getting pregnant. And so many of those pregnancies get lost too.

I think that people just get scared of listening to those stories. They prefer to live in their own little world, which the know and understand. They prefer to judge rather than open themselves to those, who cannot have children naturally. Perhaps our super advanced, and technically developed world with artificial intelligence should become just a touch more human. Maybe then those taboo subjects will finally stop being so taboo.

Mar 8, 2020

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