MONROE skincare, the brand that promises sustainable simplicity, inclusivity, and diversity. Including multi-purpose products that protect and defend the skin, styles hair and scents the body!


Monroe is not only multi-use, it saves space on the shelf and money in your pocket. With reasonable prices and simplistic ingredients? Let’s talk..


Initially a mens grooming brand launched by a Photographer named Gareth Boden, Monroe has now been revamped into an all inclusive, luxury range of multi-use products that are designed in recyclable, refillable bottles and paper packaging.

Founder of the ‘King of Shaves’ Will King and creative advertiser Tiger Savage who acquired on the brand speaking in an interview with Cosmetics Design-Europe, King stated that the original range was extensive with fantastic formulations, however, was not ‘hitting the notes’. Savage added that they wanted to break the rules,to figure out a solution that can solve a lot of the problems experienced in skincare, with King finally agreeing that it s a very humanity-led brand,inclusive for everyone.


MONROE Moisturiser SPF 20


MONROE Moisturiser, hydrating, with SPF 20 and featuring Vitamin A to improve cell turnover, hyaluronic acid for hydration in addition to plant extracts to soothe and nurture, and at only £39 for a 50ml!


MONROE Glycolic Serum 7%

If you really want to pump up your routine, the Monroe Glycolic Serum is a great step to include before your moisturiser.. this serum includes non-abrasive exfoliant with peeling powers to refresh and reveal glowy skin, antioxidant Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid at £39 for a 50ml.


Matte Styling Clay & Exfoliator Pore Minimiser

To complete your routine grab the Styling Clay at £25. Honey extracts mean this clay is conditioning while benefiting sensitive scalps with essential oils, beeswax,while clay and sea salt are combined to hold locks in place whilst also adding shine!  


The effects of the environment and daily stress can be damaging to the skin so it’s important to scrub away the effects a couple of times a week. This £39 combo Granular Exfoliant includes Vitamins A, B and E to protect and reduce environmental damage, while Chamomile swears to soothe and calm sensitivity.


Grab all products here MONROE Skincare

Why not tell us your experiences with multi-use products? Do they work? @stylecartel

Photography: Saachin Ghataaura


Sep 7, 2020

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