No better boot represents 2000 fashion than the UGG boot. Originally made to cater to surfers looking to stay warm and popularised by young socialites like Paris Hilton; the boot has shown itself to be flexible and adaptable to all sartorial circumstances. And while it seems to have paled in popularity to the sneakers and strappy heels of this generation, the classic footwear may be making its return sooner than expected.

via Molly Goddard on Instagram


Spotted on Molly Goddard’s SS/21 virtual runway, the classic boot was reworked to fit the collection’s bright tulle themes- an aesthetic the designer is know all too well for. The capsule edit consists of three different styles: a monster platform shoe, available in a number of colours, and a boot and slipper featuring floral applique. This comes off the back of the footwear brand’s announcement at NYFW; where they revealed that they would be partnering with CFDA Accessories Designer of the Year, Telfar Clemens, on an upcoming collaboration.

via UGG on Instagram

The creative mind behind the most talked about bag of the year describes UGG boots as “really sexy…really tough. This sexy, soft kind of rugged. What I want to do is get down to the DNA of UGG and see what genes we have in common”. For a brand established in 1978, the core DNA of UGG has been adapted and revised as fashion has changed over the years.


An essential for the devoted surfer, the UGG boot became a staple in Californian surf shops, and, because fashion is just as important as utility, regulars at these shops, chose to wear their boots loudly and proudly everywhere. From red carpet events to days stuck onset, everybody was wearing UGG boots, celebrities included (who can forget Beyonce’s mini skirt/UGG ensemble at the 2004 Superbowl?). But the boot wasn’t exclusively for those in the spotlight. The increasing success of the brand even saw schools being forced to ban students from wearing them after phones and other contraband were found being hidden in them.


It’s no doubt that the brand made its mark as the standout fashion footwear of the noughties, but with the new sneakerhead culture of the 2010s being fronted by brands like Supreme and Yeezy; it seemed as if fashion was turning away from the once-loved go-to shoe.


Now, with a Molly Goddard collaboration in their bag- which combined the classic UGG style with Goddard’s larger than life gowns, making it an anticipated hit for the summer season- all eyes are on them, wondering what’s next, especially for Telfar x UGG. It’s safe to say that the allure of UGG has returned, and their partnership with the designer of the moment will only create more suspense. With the two popular brands working together to create an iconic collection, we envision bags and boots to come that will leave a permanent mark on fashion history.


So far, fans have been teased with a clip of Clemens sketching ideas and playing around with sheepskin fabrics, reminding us of the reason we all loved UGGS in the beginning: comfort & style. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the timeless fashion brand.


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Sep 22, 2020

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