Is Your Postcode The Culprit?

When you wake up in the morning and are feeling positive for the day ahead, there‚Äôs nothing worse when you turn attention to your hair, and no amount of straightening, curling, serums and hairsprays can tame it. Classed as a ‚Äúbad hair day‚ÄĚ we all experience to often..


If you've become a victim to your unmanageable hair, a study recently conducted by the luxury vegan haircare brand The Solid Bar Company, has revealed that over 120 UK towns and cities could be contributing towards it. But which areas are more forgiving on your hair?


Over 7 different categories have been carefully studied for towns and citys across the UK including humidity levels, water hardness, air quality, UV levels and wind speed.



London, the largest city of England has undoubtedly come out on top to be a likely contributor to your tresses, in addition to the South East of England due to hard water, high UV levels and above all else, air pollution. Of the 20 worst places to live within the UK for your hair, 14 of those happen to be in London and surrounding Greater London area. This is expected however, due to the city being densely populated, with consistent traffic jams at peak hours, and several attractions.


Newham takes an upper spot with citizens being the most likely to experience havoc hair. The London Borough comes up trumps with the highest air pollution score in the complete study, above average UV levels, and unfortunately below average salons to rectify the damage, based on public reviews.


Bournemouth, Hounslow, Canterbury, and Hounslow follow shortly after making up the rest of the worst top 5 locations for overall hair health with similar readings.


The one that we all want to talk about, is the best places for good hair days.. (drumroll please).. The location that dominates the list for one of the best places for a good hair day is Scotland! With 6 towns and cities in the top 10 includingInverness in 1st place due to its soft water, low UV levels and humidity, clean air and superior hair salons, you’ll be looking like Beyonce. Let’s not forget Perth, Dundee, and Stirling coming in just after with similar scoring on their climate, water softness and hair salons!


For the BEST selfie ready hair in England however, Darlington comes in 5th place overall. With accompanying towns and cities in Yorkshire, Harrogate, Halifax, and Sheffield with relatively similar good scores in the study, but recording slightly higher levels in UV and air pollution.


Let’s Talk About This

From all the influences taken into consideration in this study, water hardness has proved to be the worst factor for hair health. Hard water simply means that it has a high level of a variety of minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium that can leave a scaly build up on your hair. This can be found in kettles, irons and showers, however, water softeners can be installed in your shower so it may be worthwhile to look into to save your locks.


Choose Your Products

Other methods to avoid the effects of hard water and environmental damage is to choose your hair care products wisely, avoid hair products that have sulphates, these can strip hair colour and encourage dryness. Instead, look for hydrating ingredients, these will include hydrolysed proteins, argan oils, jojoba that will strengthen and improve hydration in the hair.


The Solid Bar Company offer a range of shampoo and conditioner bars that help fight against humidity by forming a moisture barrier with ingredients such as coconut oil, leaving the hair smooth and more manageable.


via. The Solid Bar Company


Frizz Prevention

Products rich in plant based ingredients contains natural vitamins such as D, E, and A that will reduce frizzy-ness and add shine while also conditioning,



With regular haircuts and a reliable hair routine including masks, suitable shampoos and conditioners and limited head usage, your hair will keep hydrated and healthy. To find out more to protect your hair see The Solid Bar Company or send in your hair hacks and advice to us @stylecartel on all social platforms!


Sep 29, 2020

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