It's Fenty Skin Friday! Everything You Should Know About 'FENTY SKIN'!

Fenty Beauty has undeniably become a huge success since its launch in 2017. It came as no surprise to me when I read that Fenty reportedly made $100 million in the first 40 days of its launch.. to put it simply, Rihanna paved the way for inclusivity in the beauty industry, what is now more commonly known as ‚ÄėThe Fenty Effect‚Äô, incredible right? Her brand has expanded over the years, from bases, to lipsticks, primers, and her absolutely stunning highlighter ranges (seriously check them out), but now Fenty is expanding.




The rumours are true.. Fenty Skin is launching July 31st, and has been confirmed to be gender inclusive! If that doesn’t excite you already, just take a look at her promotional video on Instagram featuring Riri that will be sure to get your heart racing. You can (if you can’t wait), sign up on Fenty Beauty online for earlier access giving you the chance to buy the products a few days earlier.



News of Rihanna moving to skincare surfaced when it was revealed that a registration for a trademark appointed ‚ÄėFenty Skin was created, listing that the line would consist of medicated to non-medicated skin care, soaps,body care and skincare accessories. According to this trademark and talks over Twitter, names of potential products have been mentioned including:


·     Buff Ryder

·     Flash Nap

·     Fat Water


Hats of too Rihanna if these titles end up to be true! With tipoffs on titles, in a recent interview with British Vogue, Riri gave us some insight towards the approach she adopted with this line, stating ‚Äú‚ÄúSkincare, it‚Äôs the truth. It either works or it doesn‚Äôt. There‚Äôs nowhere to hide. ‚ÄĚSomething tells me, her past ground breaking attitude towards beauty shows no signs of stopping. Watch her latest teaser video here!



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Jul 24, 2020

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