Let’s Talk Acne

Acne, the common skin condition that affects a lot of us at some point in our lives. Commonly thought of as being a facial issue, although affecting other areas such as the back and chest, it can be a real confidence knocker.


What are the main causes?

Sweating: Humidity and clothing rubbing against the skin causes friction and therefore, sweating. Sweating causes the pores to get congested meaning oils and dead skin cells can get trapped under sweat causing clogged pores, one of the main causes of acne.


Dehydrated Skin: Showering often can cause dehydrated skin if your skin isn’t moisturised shortly after, your body will produce more oils to overcompensate for the lack of hydration. However, the extra oils can cause a build-up of sebum in the pores, leading to breakouts.


SPF: Rightly so, as skin experts recommend,we use SPF every day for protection against harmful UV rays. SPF, like makeup,can clog pores often leaving an oily residue so it’s important to wash it off thoroughly at the end of the day.


With the main causes of acne explained, here’s a guide at how to prevent and treat the problem.



Cleanse: Be sure to cleanse twice a day to rid your skin of excess oils and bacteria built up throughout the day from sweat, makeup and body lotions. Salicylic acid is an effective and powerful exfoliant used in a lot of acne products to clear pores and reduce inflammation. Tea tree oil is another ingredient that is a natural blemish fighter, with antibacterial and inflammatory properties to help calm acne.


See products below that are recommended with included ingredients.

Neutrogena Body Clear Wash £7.99

The Body Shop Tea Tree Wash £6.50

Face Theory Clarifying Cleanser £11.99


At the end of each day, using a treatment gel can be highly effective in reducing inflammation and relieving any acne that’s already present. Pin point gels onto the affected areas and watch your acne reduce overnight, see the most efficient treatments listed!


Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Gel £14.40


Clarins CLEAR-OUT Gel £15.00


While hydrated skin will reduce the over production of oils, it’s important to bydrate the skin with a light moisturiser to prevent greasy residue that can cause clogged pores. Oil free moisturisers are great for helping balance the skin while giving you a big boost of hydration!


Kiehls Ultra Facial Gel Cream £26.00

As a lover of oil free moisturisers, Kiehls Ultra Gel Cream was a purchase that was made many times.. Soaking into the skin it feels like a hit of H2O and is extremely soothing.


Origins Clear Improvement £28.00

Origins ClearImprovement is another ride or die product that I keep repurchasing, it significantly improved my breakouts and helped keep my skin clear and smooth through its grumpy moments.


Pin Point Patches

If your skin is suffering from cystic acne, patches are an overnight fixer to help reduce size and absorb bacteria, these patches are filed with blemish busting ingredients..


Acne Pimple Master Patch £7.00

Alba Botanica Acnedote Pimple Patches £7.99

Sep 21, 2020

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