The 'Gold Collection'

First up is the recent launch of ICONIC Londons ‘Gold Collection’. The stunning limited edition bundle will get you glowing like never before with a Prep-Set and Glow spray,and illuminator leaving your skin sun-kissed.


The latest shade in ICONIC’s world famous range was made especially to celebrate their 5th birthday! The illuminator has been designed to give an ultra-blendable, intense highlight, for the face and body and is loved all round by celebs like Khloe Kardashian to Jourdan Dunn. Blend this beautiful shade across your cheekbones,nose bridge, brow bone and collarbones for that extra kick of goddess using a sponge or fingertips to melt it into the skin. Immerse yourself in the glow..

via. Iconic London

Of course, your skin must be set with their Prep-Set-Glow. The ultra fine vegan mist contains light reflecting, hydrating properties that leaves a refreshing feel, while setting your base in place with a dewy finish. Just like the name, this mist can be used to prep the skin before make-up, set a look, of add a radiant glow to a bare face. Mondays just got a whole lot better with these staple products in your makeup bags, but why stop there?

via. Iconic London

Shop the collection here!

My Monday’s are always instantly better when my hair is styled. Often, on the night prior I’ll freshly wash, mask, and leave it to air dry in preparation for the hack that saved my life. I use a lot of heat, blow drying, curling, and straightening, if this sounds like you then this method will work for you!


Separating the hair into two sections, take a bathrobe and place directly on the centre of your head, ensuring that the ends of the bathrobe are at equal lengths either side. Grabbing a small piece of hair, wrap the hair around the robe either way(depending if you wish the curls to curl towards or away from your face)holding this in place, grab another piece of hair wrapping it around the same way and meet it with the first piece of hair. Repeat this process until all your hair is wrapped, and tie at the bottom!

If a visual demonstration is easier, see beauty YouTuber Shonagh Scott’s ‘Heatless Curls Tutorial’. Tag us @stylecartel on Instagram with the finished look! We’de love to see! Tell us how this has made your Mondays just little easier.

Aug 9, 2020

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