Ever wanted to get into sustainable fashion but don’t know where to start? Meet Cuida, a fashion brand dedicated to creating ‘vegan, organic, sustainable, made-in-Europe fashion’ that is more than loose fitting basics. Cuida believes that saving the planet shouldn’t compromise your style. 

Fashion With A Purpose 

We spoke to Estefa, cofounder of Cuida, to find out more about their recent campaign ‘FANCY’. The Spanish sustainable fashion brand launched ‘FANCY’ as a way of creating community and bringing a positive mindset around sustainable fashion.  The fair trade T-shirt is made out of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and the production is carbon negative – oh-so-eco-friendly!

Cuida's FANCY T-Shirt
What was the initial inspiration for the project?

"Fancy girls saving the planet" is not only a cool quote on a very soft, organic-cotton t-shirt. It represents a movement. It's a community of women who genuinely care about the planet. Women who are willing to make changes in their daily lives in order to leave a better world to future generations. This is us, we are those women, and our friends are those women too. So I think the initial inspiration was right there, within ourselves and it was triggered by our desire to find other women just like us, so we could make this movement larger and more impactful.

Via Cuida
Why is being sustainable important?

That is a great, great question. I really like the United Nations' definition of sustainability from 1984 so I'll start there, it reads as follows: "sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Every time I read this sentence, I just feel terrible to be honest, it gives me anxiety. And it is because it is our moral duty as world citizens to respect future generations' right to live safely and joyfully on this planet. However, I feel like we're failing to do it as a society. So if you ask me why being sustainable is so important, to me it is because sustainability is the humankind's ticket to having a future. 

FANCY GIRLS saving the planet
Where do you see the future of fashion going?

I think more and more we're witnessing a shift in customers' mindsets. They are expecting brands to be concerned about environmental, social and ethical issues and to act accordingly. And that is just amazing. We're starting to see the largest garment companies in the world introduce sustainable and organic fibers in their collections. Not to say that is enough, there is so much more they can do, but it tells you the direction the fashion industry is headed. And it's one of transparency, collective responsibility and circularity. We're extremely happy to be part of this change and we hope to see many other small brands join this movement that will transform the world. Can you imagine a fashion industry that puts people and planet at the same level as profit? We can't wait!

‘FANCY’ dropped earlier this month on 10th of September, shop the pieces here and find more on Instagram here.

Sep 29, 2020

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