Back in 2017, I began to follow upcycling trends. Designers from all ends of the creative spectrum entered the 'going viral' frenzy, trying to change peoples' perceptions of materials we often deem to be single-use, giving them a new purpose with their unique creations.

Consumerism is at its peak. Lockdown has forced us to debate our fashion choices and evaluate our purchasing decisions. Since lockdown there has been huge increase in sustainable fashion ingenuity being shared online, especially upcycling. Upcycling is in no way a new concept in the fashion world, but if this new surge in the upcycling community is because of the insane amount of free time we’ve had on our hands, I’m not complaining. We need this community to grow.


Standing out amongst the newwave of lockdown savvy upcyclers are Milan based designers Chiara Rivituso and Matteo Bastiani, who are rapidly gaining followers on their IG account @camera60studio where they share their incredible remakes of our favourite designer bags.

IG: @camera60studio Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch bag remade using Supreme shopping bag
"This lockdown pushed us to rethink … we felt it was time to share our ideas and products in a different and more creative way."


They couldn't have chosen abetter time to do this. The fashion industry is going through dramatic changes and it is exciting to see designers like Chiara and Matteo being active in producing work that is cool, innovative and sustainable. Our buying taste should be geared towards unique products like theirs once things return to normal, pushing for a more sustainable fashion industry.


A remake of the Classic Dior saddle bag made out of Kelloggs Cereal Corn Flakes packaging.
IG: @camera60studio Dior Saddle bag remake using Kellogg's Cereal packaging

Initially, Camera60 piqued the interest of the Instagram upcycling community by remaking the iconic Dior Saddle bag using Kellogg's Corn Flakes packaging. They have since tested the boundaries of bag upcycling and are continuing to win the game. Their latest pieces include a Bottega Veneta mini pouch bag remade using a Supreme plastic shopping bag, a Chanel Mini Vanity Bag using Oreo cookie packaging, another Dior Saddle Bag using a Nike trainer box and more. Although Chiara and Matteo have been inspired to remake catwalk bag trends, the beauty of their work is that there is no boundary to what they can and will create.

A remake of the prada bag using Amazon packaging
IG: @camera60studio Prada Prime

The humble duo explained to me that "people are [becoming] more and more sensitive about upcycling and the importance to act for a better future". They hope that "transforming packaging and other stuff you normally waste into new objects - giving them a second life," will inspire people to create rather than waste.

Having only started their project two years ago, Chiara and Matteo have big plans for the future, hoping that other brands will embrace their vision. I can’t wait to see how far their experimentation can take them.  

"It's time for creating a big community who share these values!"  

Wanna jump on the bandwagon by supporting Camera60’s community and give it a go? Create your own upcycled bag using the Mini Kelly bag template in the that’s in camera60 have created for you. Click this link to get it.

I had a go and am ready to style my daily walk outfit around my orange juice carton Mini Kelly bag.

May 12, 2020

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