Some of you might be coping well with lockdown; it might be the time out you always wanted but were never able to get. Other, however, might be feeling the effects of being cooped up inside. Maybe you're isolating alone; maybe you truly depend on outside space and socialising. Whichever category you fall into, it's okay. It's a strange time and it's affecting us all differently. But if you are someone who is feeling anxious at being in this state of quarantine, trying to incorporate some of these steps and activities into your daily routine might be worth a try to relieve some stress and feeling of unrest.

Cleanse your mind during isolation with Antonia Harman

Cleansing Your Mind

It's hard to keep a clean and free mind when we are constantly bombarded with different news, from all sorts of outlets and mediums. Particularly now, with the Coronavirus pandemic, there is constant news updates - often negative - that can consume us and our minds. It is hard for many to let go of the negative stream of information so it is more important than ever to try to cleanse our minds and protect our mental wellbeing.

We sat down with Antonia Harman, a celebrity healer and founder of Divine Empowerment (a trauma therapy healing process) - virtually, of course, to chat to her about her work helping people free their minds and find their inner strength. Now, more than ever, there will be likelihood of some negative feelings, emotions and thoughts and Antonia works to set people free of these, through trance and energy healing.

Antonia Harman prides herself on 'fast-track forgiveness'

During our virtual appointment with Antonia, we learned about and experienced her healing abilities and actually participated in an experience of having our mind 'cleansed'. Not only has the effect of lockdown got people's minds all over the place but there are also simple things that prove to be more present in your thoughts when there are fewer distractions around. We can definitely relate to this.

Antonia spoke with us about issues of which we wished to cleanse our mind, as well other things such as fears. Speaking of her methods, Antonia says that "one of my specialties revolves around focusing on the 'why' of dis-ease, which I along with many leading experts believe to be grounded in emotions. Working on the fact that clearing stagnated e-motion (or energy in motion) ensures that diseases no longer have a purpose and tend to dissipate."

Let Antonia help dissolve your negative emotions and improve your mental wellness

We spoke to Antonia about transitions in relationships - both friendships and romantic endeavours. Starting us off with a number of breathing exercises to 'pull' the negative energy and feelings from our mind, Antonia worked on 'fast-track forgiveness' with us, to help us let go of the negative energy onto which we were holding.

Focusing on relationships with people is an important topic, particularly during this period of isolation. Whether you live alone or with friends or family, this pandemic could be affecting your mental health more than you realise. Even we have our down days from being out of rhythm of our usual social activities and work routine.

Antonia is pretty good at sussing out your feelings and energy surrounding you; she took us through topics that had us tense at first but over the course of thinking straight on it and through the breathing exercises, our state of mind, indeed, became calmer; more fresh. “You know when you walk into a room straight after an argument and you can feel the mood in the air? The feeling is palpable, uncomfortable, almost a fog of upset."

"After 13 years of dedicated trance work I have awoken my ability to dissolve stagnated emotion. I believe each and every one of us to be Gods and Goddesses who forgot our greatness. I have remembered a little of mine. If you can think of a troubling situation and really feel it then I can dissolve it pretty much instantly." If you book an experience with Antonia, be prepared to hear yourself being called a God or Goddess a lot. And as is your right, eh?!

Let Antonia heal you and your mind during isolation

We also discussed fears such as arachnophobia and it was really interesting to feel how rigid our posture and how scrunched up our facial expression was at the beginning, when first speaking of our fear of spiders. After some time spent doing breathing exercises and focusing on the fear, we began to relax significantly and the energy surrounding us lightened and became more positive. That's not to say that spiders don't scare us still - and we are definitely not hoping to run into any anytime soon to test the theory - but it's a start.

Apr 30, 2020

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