I have come to terms with not being able to leave my new home, which is London for the moment. My other home city is Paris.   I am not comfortable with travelling, so now that I cannot go to the Champs-Élysées for brunch with the girls to nibble on some Macarons at Ladureé, I had to settle for their To Go Macaron available in London.

As a special treat to the team, I order a rainbow. assortment to celebrate everyone coming back to the office to be creative. It was a pleasant surprise to all even one of the staff had never tried a Macarons. The delight on her face is irreplaceable as she nibbled on the luxury that is a Ladureé Macarons that we chased with some CBD tea.  I love to share new experiences with people, and this one was delightful. 

Next time we can actually go to  Ladureé, but baby steps to getting back to normal.  The Go Collection is ideal for people like me who get a little nervous in public settings these days. Even though Summer is calling our names, and the outside world is becoming ever-more appealing, with the beautiful weather filling our gardens with joyous smells and colours. I would instead get it to go. 


Ladurée has re-designed its original menu making it take-away friendly for everyone to enjoy brand new deserts and signature Ladurée dishes. This is perfect for myself to share with friends and neighbours in our private garden. Using seasonal ingredients, Ladurée To-Go collection displays a selection of exclusive savoury and sweet delicacies to indulge in, whether you are on the go or need a break from cooking post- lockdown. 

Missing Paris: Ladureé's To-Go Macarons London

You can re-create the authentic luxury experience by treating yourself to a lunch or dinner in Ladurée style. Select from a wide variety of all-time favourite international and French dishes, including Tuna Bowl, iconic Vol au Vent, signature macarons, and deserts. Ladurée's To-Go collection is available at the Covent Garden for Pre-Order and Call & Collect and via Supper (Michelin-star food delivery app), Monday to Saturday from 11AM to 6PM.  The packaging is so pretty there are a lot of Instagram moments for all guests. My neighbour asked to keep the box after we devoured the contents. 

Missing Paris: Ladureé's To-Go Macarons London

With innovation at its heart, Ladurée's new sumptuous To-Go menu also offers an exciting spin on British classics – expect to try an array of sophisticated and traditional deserts, ranging from British pastries (Nuage Brownie and Carrot Cake) to Cream Tea with a French twist – perfect for weekends in the park, family reunions, and summer celebrations. Cream Tea package comes in a beautiful box with freshly baked signature scones, Ladurée Strawberry jam, two macarons of your choice, and Ladurée tea bag. 

For those who want to have an ultimate extravagant experience, they can also add a mini Moet champagne bottle to compliment the Cream Tea. Ladurée Cream Tea is available to order every day from Covent Garden and Burlington Arcade boutiques. 

Deliveroo and UberEats
Missing Paris: Ladureé's To-Go Macarons London

In the coming weeks, the To-Go menu, including Cream Tea and British pastries, will also be available via Deliveroo and UberEats. Dishes will be made with exceptional care and attention to detail, prepared at Ladurée's Covent Garden London Executive Chef, Pierre Mirepoix, and his team. 

On the Menu

Ladurée is looking to welcome customers at newly re-opened Covent Garden and Burlington Arcade locations, followed by the other outlets at a later date. In the coming weeks, restaurant-quality meals, including the picnic selection, will be available to order on the Ladurée website www.laduree.co.uk and in all London stores. 

Ladurée Cream Tea 

• Cream tea for 1 -£12 

• Cream tea for 2- £20 

• Cream tea for 1 with champagne (Mini Moet 20Cl) – £35 

• Cream tea for 2 with champagne (Half 37,5Cl – Moet (White) or Ladurée(Pink) – £60 

LADURÉE TO GO MENU Classic Avocado Toast Avocado, seeds bread, hummus, goat cheese £11,00 

Salmon Avocado Toast Avocado, smoked salmon, Ladurée brioche,  mollet egg £14,00 "La Vie en Rose "Vegan Toast Avocado, sweet potato, beetroot, hummus £11,00 Chicken Caesar Salad Free range chicken, baby gem, egg, parmesan & crouton £11,00 

Lobster Caesar Salad Lobster, baby gem, egg, parmesan & crouton £16,00 

Veggie Bowl Tofu, avocado, yellow beetroot, red cabbage.

Missing Paris: Ladureé's To-Go Macarons London

We cannot be more delighted to have a sweet little surprise these days. Our Little to Go order brought smiles to the team and we were thankful to Ladureé's rainbow packaging that made us smile for the love of food.  Try it out and let us know what you order.


Jul 26, 2020

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