This Model Crush Monday we feature  Alexandra Beaton the model, musician and artist.  Born in London who is a mixed-race beauty, her mother is French, and her Father is Guyanese.  We spoke in French, dressed her up and followed her on social media @aacurls and about her Agency Body London.

Model Monday with Alexandra Beaton


What was your first memory of fashion? 

My first memory would have to be when i was four years old it was for Christmas cards, i remember being told not open the gift but look like your opening the present and as a four year the was hard work, i just wanted to know if i could eventually open the gift!

How were you discovered? 

I was found after pushing myself in this industry where i was always told i was too short!

How has modelling changed your life? 

I thought to go into modelling i would be more insecure and it has had an opposite effect, i more confident than ever.

Pantsuite: Palones Shoes: Balenciaga Halter Top: Creep Like Me Earrings: Nzingha Jewellery Sunglasses: Dior

How as modelling changed because of COVID19?

 It has taken a steady start into the month but hasn't changed other than people are more aware of others which is nice.

Where were you, lockdown? 

I was in London, stuck with my parents and three brothers at least you can say we're closer now. 

What did you do or learn during your lockdown? 

As modelling wasn't around, i dived into my artwork and improving my idea. I do one line of art, which represents togetherness and equality, and this helped my mind stay connected and creative. 

Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton

Earrings: Nzingha Jewellery Kaftan: Diamantine Sandals: Aspiga

What has been your favourite modelling career moment so far? 

My ideal job has to be when I met Willow Smith, my dream shes such a fantastic character at such a young age!

What is your signature feature? 

I'd say my lips or my hair, one day i would like to shave all my hair off and see how i work with that. 

Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton

Headband: Miu Miu Top: Creep Like Me Suit: Maison Bent Boots: Public Desire

Snapchat, Tiktok or Instagram Stories? 

Instagram stories all day every day. 

Who is your dream designer to walk or work for? 

This is such a hard question there's too many, Zimmermann, Prada, Gucci, Jacquemus, Alexender Mcqueen and Versace. I'm sure i have more names, but i will save the essay!

What is your must-have on the road beauty product? 

Lip balm and can work as eye shadow, and high lighter so doesn't need much else!

Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton
What are you up to when you're not modelling? 
I love to walk, so on a day off iI'd take myself around London.


Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I'd love to see myself travelling the world modelling in every country. 

What model do you look up to? 

I look up to the models all around me, pushing themselves to get where they want to be, and this motivates me so much.

Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton

Scarf: Hermes

What would you change about the modelling game? 

Less makeup, I love a good natural day!

What are you listening to right now? 

Kaytranada feat. Kali Uchis ‚Äď 10% such a tune!

If I were a casting agent, why should I book you? 

I work well with direction, and i love to show people what I've got!

Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton

Runway or Commercial? 

Runway gives you such a thrill.

What are you doing when you are not modelling. 

Walking, playing the ukulele and painting!

What would you like your modelling footprint to be? 
That I've made a change in the industry whether that's bringing more girls like me into this world or even just accepting natural beauty more!
Model Crush Monday New Face Alexandra Beaton
What were your resolutions for 2020? 

To start painting and showing it off to the world. 

What do you wish would happen in 2021? 

To go on holiday once all of this has calmed down. 

If you could turn back time what decade would you choose? 

I go back to 2009 such a carefree time at school with your buddies not realising taxes will be your stresses of life. 

What did your mother teach you? 

My mother has taught me all i know what i love the most is that she taught me to show everyone how you'd like to be treated "don't do to others what you would like done to you" I'm sure that's wrong, but it has made me who i am.

We wish this stunning shinning star the best. She was a pleasure to work with and fun too.  She smiled and laughed with us throughout the day. 


Photos by: ūüďł JASMINE THOMAS



Jul 27, 2020

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