Yixin is  22 years old, who just graduated with a first-class art degree. She mainly does installations and sculptures. She is also passionate about sports and was once training to be a professional swimmer through middle school and high school. She also loves snowboarding and yoga. 

After working with the new faces, we noticed this girl has a mean walk and can strike a pose once given the right direction.  She was a joy to work with and style.  We asked her a few questions because the face world is in a tight spot now, and we wanted to know who she is coping with all the changes. 

Model Crush Monday with Yixin Jenny Zhang 

Model Crush Monday with Yixin Jenny Zhang 
SUITE: J.KWAN SHOES: Public Desire

From China

Social Media: @jennywasntasleep

Agency: Eastwest models & Base models

Mother: Linden Staub Talent Agency

City-based in: London

Model Crush Monday with Yixin Jenny Zhang 


What was your first memory of fashion?

My first memory of fashion was watching runway walks on TV back to when I was in primary school. 

How were you discovered?

I worked at Chanel in Selfridges and got discovered on the shop floor.

How as modelling changed because of COVID19?

 I had a lovely break because of lockdown, with modelling there’s nothing else left but virtual shoots. I believe it happened to most models in the industry.

Where were you, lockdown?

 I was in London.

What did you do or learn during your lockdown? 

 I learned a lot of smoothie recipes; I learned more about gardening. I spent a lot of time on my art project, and research, mainly because it’s towards the end of my final year. I finally made bread for the first time. 

Model Crush Monday with Yixin Jenny Zhang 

What has been your favourite modelling career moment so far?

 I recently had a beauty shoot, and the makeup look is precisely what I wanted to try! Amicable team too.

Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?

 I have two here, but they work together! They are Christophe Lemaire and Sarah Tran. They’re not necessarily the hottest designers, but they have always been one of my favourites. 

What is your must-have on the road beauty product?

Eyelash curler has been essential to me! I have very straight lashes, curling them makes me look more like awake.

What are you up to when you’re not modelling?

I like going to galleries and watch films picked by my boyfriend because he is a film director/producer when I have spare time. I do yoga and jog in the park every week. 

Model Crush Monday with Yixin Jenny Zhang 


What model do you look up to? 

So I’m just going to skip the legends here because we all love them. Speaking of the younger generation, Cara Taylor is one that I appreciate. I got to know her from a Vogue video on YouTube, she does not only have this look I love, but she’s also so real even in front of the camera. 

What would you change about the modelling game?

The industry is getting better and better. But I think people should be more careful about models who are under the age of 18. They might look as sharp as us mentally, but most of them aren’t.

What are you listening to right now? 

 I’ve been listening to a band called Men I trust lately. They are from Quebec. 

If I were a casting agent, why should I book you?

Because I like challenges, and I’m creative. Because I’m happy with myself, I’m confident because I have beautiful hair and skin. Because I still have passions and dreams. 

Model Monday New Face Yixin Jenny Zhang
What were your resolutions for 2020?

I don’t have any resolutions for 2020 because I’m living a happy life here, surrounded by people who love me and support me, doing things I feel passionate about. 

What do you wish would happen in 2021?

 I genuinely hope our life can go back to normal. People don’t need to live under this panic; it’s been long enough. 

What did your mother teach you? 

 My mother taught me a lot of things. She taught me to believe in myself, to stick with people who make me happy, and to stop crying at some point. 

Model Monday New Face Yixin Jenny Zhang

It was a sheer pleasure to work with Jenny and talk to her. She is a knowledgeable young lady who has the ambition to succeed. We wish her the best and check out other images on our Instagram and follow her to her where the fashion world takes her. 


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Matto Mariotti INSTAGRAM: @matto.mariotti  

Jul 20, 2020

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