For many, it back to school but for professionals its most probably it back to work or looking for a professional internship or new job after a long break.  This Fashion Friday we carter to the women who may want to dress modestly. Modesty is not just for religious women a lot of us dress modestly for work.

Modest Fashion Friday

                                       Amina wears Scarf| Hermes Sunglasses|Rayban Pantsuit|Syra J. Fashion | Shoes| Celine

Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Color

                                   Ayan wears: Dress by Palones Headband| Crown Love UK | Shoes|Hissa Haddad Bag|Missoni

Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Color

One thing I have noticed in fashion as a stylist is a Nordic style has always been modest. So here we had colour and layers to get the look. We did get a little over the top, but why not! These looks are great for back to the office or university if you want to look professional and have style.  Or dress up modestly for your next zoom call.

Fashion Friday Style

Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Colour

Now let's take it to church with hats and casual wear. Go shopping with your girlfriend in chic outfits like these—casual kool and modest. The style tip is to layer it up this fall and mix pastels.

Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Colour


                                                                                       Hat| MERVE BAYINDIR MILLINERY

                                                                        Lounge Wear| Vintage Christian Dior robe|Bridge Portobello

                                                                       Shoes|Public Desire |Jeans|TopShop Dress: |Pretty Lavish

Walking in to Autumn but still holding on to the last days of summer. While upcycling your wardrobe with something old something new somethig borrowed something blue.

Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Colour

                                                                                         Ayan wears:|Hat| MERVE BAYINDIR MILLINERY

                                                                             Scarf| Burberry | Earrings| R&O

                                                                           Cape | Shahini Fakhourie |Dress| Reserved |Shoes| Stella McCartney

Modest Hippie Chic
Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Colour

As summer starts to wind down, remember to bring the summer colours into your Autumn style, by just adding a jacket. You are wearing a long sleeve dress and sandals.  Accessory to make the look work add a headscarf.  You do not have to be Muslim to cover your hair; this look is also so hippie chic.

 Amina wears

                                    Ayan wears| Dress| SELF-PORTRAIT |Jacket| Aissata Levi Ibrahima| Sandals|Air & Grace| Scarf| Fendi |Earrings| R&O

Modest Fashion Friday Style Me With Color

                                                                   Amina wears| Scarf | Hermes| Dress| ASOS Sandals|Air & Grace|Earrings| R&O

As you can see modest fashion can go from luxury to vintage. All you need to know how to do is shop and thrift. Stay tuned for more Modest Fashion Friday follow us on Instagram.

                                                                             Models: Ayan Hassan & Amina Begum Ali

                                                            Photos: Jasmine THOMAS & Sachin GHATAAURA

                                                                                       Stylist: Charlotte Smith

                                                                                          Stylist Asst: Karran Rjani

Sep 11, 2020

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